Guarantee & Warranty Information

Each week we receive calls and emails asking us what is covered by suitcase guarantees.  Nearly all suitcase manufacturers offer a limited guarantee and we will explain what is and isn't covered below.  Your Go Places order confirmation email acts as your proof of purchase for guarantee claims.

Please be aware this is general guidance and manufacturers will inspect the case and reserve the right to reject claims if they feel the damage has not been caused by ‘general wear and tear’.

Suitcase Components

Suitcases manufacturers rigorously test their products to meet the needs of modern travellers, but occasionally a component can break such as a zip, a handle, telescopic trolley handle, integrated lock or wheels.  In these instances the manufacturer will inspect the product during the guarantee period and either repair or replace the product.

Suitcase Shells

An important aspect of guarantees that all travellers should be aware of – and especially air travellers – is the suitcase shell.  Whether it is hard-sided or soft-sided, most guarantees do not cover damage to the body of a suitcase unless it is caused by a manufacturing defect.  Manufacturers put their cases through stringent tests, but if a case is subjected to extreme stress during travel, such as coming in contact with a sharp object at force, then cracks and rips can occur.

We receive calls from customers in this situation who are unaware that this isn't included in their guarantee. To cover yourself, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Always check your suitcase when you collect it from the baggage carousel or before you leave the airport. 
  2. If you discover that your hard-sided suitcase is cracked or your soft-sided suitcase ripped whilst in the care of the airline, then you should go to the airline desk and make a claim for the damage by filling out a Property Irregularity Report (PIR). 
  3. You should also contact the manufacturer of the suitcase and ask them to perform an inspection to find out if the damage has occurred from a manufacturing defect.

Doing this means you are covered if the airline accepts responsibility for the damage or if the manufacturer finds a manufacturing defect.

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