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The 11 most Instagrammable destinations in Europe

After recently joining Instagram ourselves, we’re beginning to fully appreciate the rise of Insta-tourism. To the unacquainted, that’s the increase in people travelling to a location for its backdrops and picturesque scenery, offering plenty of social media photo opportunities.

The destinations speak for themselves and with Insta-tourism on the rise, we thought it would be helpful to share our pick of Europe’s most Insta-worthy destinations.

  • London
  • Keeping it close to begin with, our capital city London offers plenty of Instagrammable locations to choose from. From iconic shops to leafy mews streets, there’s also street art in Shoreditch and all kinds of botanical backdrops from Richmond Park to Kew. If you’re visiting the UK from abroad, head straight to Westminster and Embankment to capture Big Ben, the London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral and Tower Bridge.

  • Santorini
  • Where Oia’s buildings hang over the sea, blue and white is a colour combination made in heaven. This magical contrast repeats throughout the Santorini village; blue plunge pools and distinctive domed roofs pop against the white walls as they reflect the sun. Head off the beaten track to the church bells overlooking the sea and get there early to avoid the crowds getting in the way of your shot!

  • Amsterdam
  • It’s a beautiful and versatile city with plenty of charm. There are colourful and narrow gable houses, canals, parks, cafes and of course the Love Lock Bridge. There’s also the world’s only floating flower market, which is open everyday and the botanical gardens, both begging to be photographed.

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    The Nyhavn waterfront scenes could be mistaken for Amsterdam. It has important historical significance for Copenhagen and offers a stunning backdrop nevertheless. The main beauty of this city from an Instagram perspective is the abundance of opportunities to play with perception and space from angles within the historic architecture. Bring a good eye and this city is your Insta-worthy playground.

  • Positano
  • Sitting pretty along the Amalfi Coast, Positano’s pastel houses descend dramatically down the cliff side to the sea. From either side of the bay the views make the perfect backdrop, especially at sunset. By day you’ll be spoiled for the many narrow walkways, staircases and cafes - all fringed in trees and flowers. Let’s just say there’s good reason why this area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Malta
  • Otherwise known as ‘The Rock’, this beautiful European island is steeped in history and its limestone foundations and architecture leave you nothing short of awestruck. While most will flock to Valetta (2018 European Capital City of Culture), coastal Mellieha Birgu Mdina wins in the picturesque stakes. Be sure to climb the Bastions to capture the incredible views from the top – trust us it’s worth it!

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  • Paris
  • Although there are so many wonderful outdoor sights in Paris, it’s such a beautiful city that if it rained for the entire time you were there you’d still come home with a feed worth of shots. Not just its many museums and art galleries, not just the restaurants and bars, but also the artisan shops, boutique hotels and random street art that’s doing it for the ‘Gram.


    Flanked by hills, with a river running through the centre, Porto boasts the most wine cellars in the world, as it’s where most wine ages before being shipped worldwide. The river and its historic centre, The Ribeira district, is utterly charming and picture perfect. However for the ultimate visual showstopper, be sure to capture the train station. Said to be the most beautiful station in the world, its floor to ceiling blue patterned tiles tell a story in themselves.

  • Venice
  • If you haven’t already visited Venice, don’t delay. This is one of the most beautiful historic Italian cities, built entirely on water and therefore, thanks to tourism and an increase in residents, is slowly sinking into the sea.

  • Dubrovnik
  • Located along the Dalmatian Coast and the capital of Croatia, Dubrovnik’s narrow winding streets and the crystal blue sea are a photographer’s dream. Head straight to Old Town, where each street and walkway is prettier than the next, with well-maintained architecture and archways galore. Take the cable car for the most far-reaching views and wait till nightfall to get some extra-special shots.

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  • Reykjavik
  • While Iceland’s capital may be the hipster destination, it’s the ‘Golden Circle’ surrounding the city that will flaw your followers. From the explosive geysers, to Gullfoss Waterfall, whose spray casts a rainbow of colour on a sunny day, to Þingvellir National Park where the world’s tectonic plates meet – just make sure you have plenty of camera battery.  Although not part of the circle, you also mustn’t miss nature’s own giant hot tub - The Blue Lagoon.

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