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Industrial Stucco 33 x 20 x 16 From Mossman

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Mossman - The only UK trunk maker to use 1st grade birch ply as a base for all their trunk and tuck box ranges. Why does this matter?. Because the base is covered other manufacturers use second grade plywood, this is full of knots and filled holes and has the effect of significantly weakening the integrity and strength which means it could fail when you need it most.

Features Include
Stucco Aluminium covered trunk from Mossman. No compromise on quality - this trunk has a first grade birch ply foundation. Aluminium edging for added strendth and ridigity. Tounge and groove closure makes it dustproof * Easy carry metal handles * Metal corners for added strength * Provision for additional padlock
Size 33 x 20 x 16ins - 84 x 51 x 40 cm Weight 10.3 kg Capacity 167ltr

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