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4 Wheeled Luggage

4 Wheeled Luggage, also known as Spinners, have become more and more popular thanks to their ease of movement and control - especially for larger size luggage pieces.  This type of luggage is slightly more expensive and heavier than 2 wheeled suitcases, as well as having a small capacity, but the benefits of being having 4 wheels make them essential for many travellers.
","4-wheeled-luggage","449361621","","2017-09-01 16:04:38 +0100","","","4 Wheeled Luggage","/collections/4-wheeled-luggage" "0","best-selling","
The 45cm 'underseat' cabin case is becoming ever more popular with travellers because it meets the cabin case specifications of an increasing amount of airlines.  As there is no 'standard' cabin case size, the 45cm under seat case allows you to travel with more airlines worldwide and keep your case with you onboard.  Of course, always check with your airline before travelling.
","45cm-underseat-cabin-cases","98547925072","","2019-02-19 10:17:56 +0000","","","45cm Underseat Cabin Cases","/collections/45cm-underseat-cabin-cases" "1","best-selling","
55x35x20cm is the carry-on cabin case allowance for Flybe.  Below are the cases that meet their cabin allowance.
","55x35x20cm-cabin-cases","426940245","","2017-06-02 15:10:10 +0100","","","55x35x20cm Cabin Cases","/collections/55x35x20cm-cabin-cases" "0","best-selling","

You'll find a selection of 55x35x25cm cabin cases below.  This size cabin case is increasingly popular and favoured by airlines such as Air France, KLM and Alitalia.

","55x35x25cm-cabin-cases","425439701","","2017-05-24 12:58:50 +0100","","","55x35x25cm Cabin Cases","/collections/55x35x25cm-cabin-cases" "26","best-selling","

55x40x20cm is widely used as the cabin case allowance to carry on to a flight and the following items meet these dimensions.

If you are a regular traveller on Ryanair, then this is the size for you.

","55x40x20cm","425439253","collections/00161180311-2.jpg","2017-05-24 12:40:09 +0100","","","55x40x20cm Cabin Cases","/collections/55x40x20cm" "2","best-selling","
55x40x23cm is the cabin allowance for airlines such as Norwegian, Luftansa and Turkish.  Below you'll find our selection of cabin cases that fit these dimensions.
Of course, any cabin cases with dimensions that fall inside 55x40x23cm (for example, 55x40x20cm) can be taken on-board these airlines.
","55x40x23cm-cabin-cases","426549717","","2017-05-31 16:15:39 +0100","","","55x40x23cm Cabin Cases","/collections/55x40x23cm-cabin-cases" "0","best-selling","

56x45x25cm is a cabin case is a cabin case size that allows you to maximise your carry-on allowance and not have to check-in luggage.  Airlines such as British Airways, easyJet and Monarch allow these cases (at the time of writing).  Of course, if you have a cabin bag that is smaller than these dimensions the it will be accepted on-board.

","56x45x25cm-cabin-cases","426460053","collections/PROD_COL_87604_1686_FRONT34.jpg","2017-05-31 11:43:04 +0100","","","56x45x25cm Cabin Cases","/collections/56x45x25cm-cabin-cases" "119","best-selling","If you have a budget between £100 and £200 for your next piece of luggage then here is our selection - all available at the best price in the UK.","100-200","426720661","","2017-06-01 08:49:24 +0100","","","£100 - £200","/collections/100-200" "15","title-ascending","","accessories","98228699216","","2019-02-12 15:38:27 +0000","","","Accessories","/collections/accessories" "11","best-selling","","accessory-gifts","262068306000","collections/accs.jpg","2021-10-29 12:35:53 +0100","","","Accessory Gifts","/collections/accessory-gifts" "159","best-selling","","all","169885794384","","2021-01-19 12:01:21 +0000","","","All","/collections/all" "0","best-selling","
American Tourister, founded in 1933 prides itself on its affordable, lightweight and vibrant suitcases which are dependable and respected. The brand believes their inexpensive suitcases are for those who would rather invest in their adventures than their luggage, without any loss of quality. Varying from hard shell cases to duffle bags and soft suitcases, American Tourister will have something on offer for you, which we, Go Places, can provide to you.  American Tourister is for those whom wish to stand out, be fun and add a bit of colour to the baggage carousel -  impulsive and youthful colours and designs add just that extra bit of excitement to your holiday.
","american-tourister","3582099477","collections/logo.png","2018-03-27 17:19:14 +0100","","sub-collections","American Tourister","/collections/american-tourister" "0","best-selling","
Alumo is American Tourister's first collection made from Aluminium.  As a material Aluminium offers unparalleled durability and security as well as offering great protection to the contents of the case.  Because Alumo is zip-less, instead using a 2-point locking system, you'll also have added weather protection.
","american-tourister-alumo","152922619984","collections/alumo-collection.jpg","2019-10-18 10:55:45 +0100","","product-picker","American Tourister Alumo","/collections/american-tourister-alumo" "0","best-selling","","american-tourister-bon-air-dlx","261920587856","collections/collCabintur1.png","2021-10-06 10:58:55 +0100","","product-picker","American Tourister Bon Air DLX","/collections/american-tourister-bon-air-dlx" "0","title-ascending","
American Tourister's Eco Wanderer is their first eco-friendly collection that is made from recycled plastic bottles.  The 67cm and 79cm suitcases are expandable.  All cases in this range come with wheels designed to tackle any terrain.
","american-tourister-eco-wanderer","135914782800","collections/eco_wanderer_collection.jpg","2019-07-31 08:26:36 +0100","","product-picker","American Tourister Eco Wanderer","/collections/american-tourister-eco-wanderer" "0","title-ascending","
Flylife is a striking hard-sided range launched in 2019 and comes with an innovative side hook to hang your bag, coat or whatever else is weighing you down in the airline queue.  All cases is this collection are expandable.
","american-tourister-flylife","135914946640","collections/flylife_collection.jpg","2019-07-31 08:26:36 +0100","","product-picker","American Tourister Flylife","/collections/american-tourister-flylife" "0","price-ascending","
Holiday Heat is a great value range of soft-sided suitcases that doesn't compromise on quality.  Designed to look contemporary and sporty, Holiday Heat is very functional with exterior pockets, fully lined interior with cross-ribbons to keep everything organised, integrated TSA lock and comes with a 3-year warranty.
","american-tourister-holiday-heat","33502625902","collections/holiday_heat_collection.jpg","2018-06-15 13:20:56 +0100","","product-picker","American Tourister Holiday Heat","/collections/american-tourister-holiday-heat" "0","best-selling","
American Tourister Jetglam
If you're looking for a premium-looking, elegant and affordable luggage, then Jetglam is ideal.  Made from a hard-wearing ABS/Polycarbonate material, Jetglam is fully lined with an integrated TSA security lock.  The 67cm and 77cm suitcases are both expandable.
","american-tourister-jetglam","158528733264","collections/jetglam_collection.jpg","2020-01-08 09:56:25 +0000","","product-picker","American Tourister Jetglam","/collections/american-tourister-jetglam" "0","title-ascending","
Lite Ray is new for 2019 and is a lightweight soft-sided range from American Tourister.  Made from a resistant polyester that provides durability, this range is ideal for leisure travellers who need lightweight luggage that's dependable.
","american-tourister-lite-ray","153580830800","collections/lite-ray-collection.jpg","2019-10-24 08:44:53 +0100","","product-picker","American Tourister Lite Ray","/collections/american-tourister-lite-ray" "0","title-ascending","
Modern Dream is a Red-Dot design award-winning suitcase collection from American Tourister.  The emphasis is on contemporary styling with great functionality with Modern Dream being spacious lightweight and durable.
","american-tourister-modern-dream","153304727632","collections/modern-dream-collection.jpg","2019-10-21 14:28:25 +0100","","product-picker","American Tourister Modern Dream","/collections/american-tourister-modern-dream" "4","best-selling","","american-tourister-novastream","261920620624","collections/coll_Nova_55_extra_nvy.png","2021-10-06 11:01:24 +0100","","product-picker","American Tourister Novastream","/collections/american-tourister-novastream" "0","title-ascending","

Road Quest is a great collection of duffle bags from American Tourister.  The double deck organisation allows you to pack clothes in one side and equipment in the other, and the smart functionality will make sure all your belongings are neatly kept in place. The top and front carry handles make it easy to grip and lift the bag, and the reinforced bottom part makes sure your duffle keeps upright when loaded.

","american-tourister-road-quest","2689368085","collections/road_quest_collection.jpg","2018-02-08 13:35:14 +0000","","product-picker","American Tourister Road Quest","/collections/american-tourister-road-quest" "3","title-ascending","

American Tourister's best-selling Soundbox suitcase range just got bigger thanks to it being Cristiano Ronaldo's suitcase!

This great looking hard-sided range is light, durable and expandable, so you can bring back more, and comes in an array of colours to suit your style. It also features an integrated TSA lock and 3 year warranty

","american-tourister-soundbox","426746581","collections/american_tourister_soundbox_55_cm_1724-25.jpg","2017-06-01 12:45:14 +0100","","product-picker","American Tourister Soundbox","/collections/american-tourister-soundbox" "0","best-selling","","american-tourister-sunny-south","261920915536","collections/collmed4wnvy1.png","2021-10-06 12:35:55 +0100","","product-picker","American Tourister Sunny South","/collections/american-tourister-sunny-south" "3","title-ascending","
Sunside is a fun and colourful hard-sided suitcase range from American Tourister.  Made from lightweight polypropylene, Sunside replaces the classic Bon Air collection and offers greater capacities and functionality that its predecessor.  The 68cm and 77cm are expandable and all cases comes with integrated TSA lock for security.
","american-tourister-sunside","33502658670","collections/sunside_collection.jpg","2018-06-15 13:25:13 +0100","","product-picker","American Tourister Sunside","/collections/american-tourister-sunside" "0","price-ascending","

American Tourister Wavebreaker Disney

Marvel superheroes is the theme for the Wavebreaker Disney range and come in 2 sizes: 55cm cabin case and 67cm, which are ideal for short trips.

","american-tourister-wavebreaker-disney","158574772304","collections/wavebreaker_disney_collection.jpg","2020-01-09 15:16:41 +0000","","product-picker","American Tourister Wavebreaker Disney","/collections/american-tourister-wavebreaker-disney" "3","best-selling","","at-speedstar","263075987536","collections/collection.jpg","2022-05-10 14:19:04 +0100","","product-picker","AT Speedstar","/collections/at-speedstar" "2","best-selling","Babila, or San Babila, are based in Milan and ensures the tradition of Italian quality craftsmanship is alive and well.  They use the finest leather in their collection of bags, briefcases and travel bags.","babila","3582165013","collections/babila-brand.jpg","2018-03-27 17:41:15 +0100","","sub-collections","Babila","/collections/babila" "6","best-selling","

Babila’s ‘Business’ collection of leather luggage includes briefcases, laptop briefcases, leather folios and garment carriers – all you need to stay organised.  This range is made from top grain Italian leather.

","babila-business-collection","425448341","collections/7673_Cognac_5.jpg","2017-05-24 17:10:06 +0100","","","Babila Business Collection","/collections/babila-business-collection" "1","best-selling","

The ‘Travel’ range from Babila (or San Babila) is made from top grain Italian leather.  The pieces in this collection are the perfect companion on your travels and include leather pouches, wheeled cabin bags and holdalls.

","babila-travel-collection","425448405","","2017-05-24 17:17:38 +0100","","","Babila Travel Collection","/collections/babila-travel-collection" "20","best-selling","
Whether you are looking for a backpack for your commute or one for your trekking around the world, Go Places has a great selection of backpacks.
","backpacks","98946318416","collections/aorbkp14blk2.png","2019-02-27 09:10:08 +0000","","","Backpacks","/collections/backpacks" "0","best-selling","The laptop bailhandle bag is a perfect luggage item for professionals / commuters.  These bags typically have a more casual look compared to a briefcase and come with a dedicated, often padded, laptop compartment.  You'll also find other functional compartments to keep your business essentials organised.","bailhandle","426722645","","2017-06-01 09:01:34 +0100","","","Bailhandle","/collections/bailhandle" "110","best-selling","
Welcome to our Black Friday offers for 2021
","black-friday","158470176848","","2020-01-06 13:40:22 +0000","","","Black Friday","/collections/black-friday" "0","best-selling","Joules “Botanical Bee” print hard-side luggage collection","botanical-bee","260539088976","collections/JLH0103-101_Joules_Botanical_Bee_Group1.jpg","2021-03-09 13:26:58 +0000","","product-picker","Botanical Bee","/collections/botanical-bee" "0","best-selling","","brands","3582787605","","2018-03-27 18:42:48 +0100","","sub-collections","Brands","/collections/brands" "0","best-selling","
Bric's has been making luxury luggage since 1952 and stays true to the dream of founder Mario Briccola.  Based in Milan, they incorporate world-class craftsmanship with elegant design and functionality.
","brics","158922506320","collections/logo_brics_blu-web.jpg","2020-01-27 11:35:48 +0000","","sub-collections","Bric's","/collections/brics" "8","title-ascending","Bellagio is iconic with its timeless and classic Italian design.  The Bellagio collection is made from tough yet lightweight Makrolon polycarbonate with vegetable tanned leather and personifies Bric's' philosophy of “Create elegant, functional travel bags that are good looking, and include all the practical function and modern amenities demanded by today’s traveler.”","brics-bellagio-2","33391837294","collections/BBG08303.014.2.jpg","2018-05-16 12:53:00 +0100","","product-picker","Bric's Bellagio 2","/collections/brics-bellagio-2" "0","best-selling","The Bric's Capri collection is a great marriage between modern and classic my incorporating modern Makrolon Polycarbonate to create a durable and lightweight shell, and this is coupled with the Bric's' renowned classic detailing throughout the case.  The Capri range of suitcases is fully-lined with stain and water resistant nylon.","brics-capri","33395769454","collections/BRK08032.509.02.jpg","2018-05-17 12:41:43 +0100","","product-picker","Bric's Capri","/collections/brics-capri" "0","price-descending","
Itaca is Bric's' new B|Y soft-sided collection made from a water-repellent polyester fabric.  The vibrant and rich colours give the collection a real sense of fun and Itaca carries Bric's' trademark care and quality.
","brics-itaca","159812386896","collections/B2Y08360-171-02-PRDD.jpg","2020-03-05 10:06:12 +0000","","","Bric's Itaca","/collections/brics-itaca" "7","title-ascending","The Life collection is in waterproof synthetic material with a suede surface; soft, resistant and easy to clean, it is an emblem of Bric's products. The vegetable-tanned Tuscan Leather finishes complete every Life item, adding an extra touch of class.","brics-life","33399668846","collections/BLF15250-378-01.jpg","2018-05-18 15:34:05 +0100","","product-picker","Bric's Life","/collections/brics-life" "2","title-ascending","

Ulisse is the first range in Bric's new B|Y (Be Young) collection.  It is a hard-sided range with the design on the outer shell based on the map of Milan Metro and comes with a USB port to charge your devices.  It is certainly Bric's most colourful range to date with playful travel in mind.


","brics-ulisse","131815506000","collections/Ulisse_Collection.jpg","2019-05-29 08:43:06 +0100","","product-picker","Bric's Ulisse","/collections/brics-ulisse" "3","best-selling","
X-Travel from Bric's is a timless collection of soft-sided premium luggage made from 100% polymide fabric that is PVC coated and waterproof-treated.
","brics-x-travel","130039349328","collections/x-travel_colletion.jpg","2019-04-25 12:41:04 +0100","","product-picker","Bric's X-Travel","/collections/brics-x-travel" "11","best-selling","","briefcases","426452949","","2017-05-31 11:26:05 +0100","","","Briefcases","/collections/briefcases" "0","best-selling","
Briggs & Riley are a travelware and luggage manufacturer known for their market leading lifetime guarantee that even covers damage caused by airlines.  If you are a frequent flyer / traveller then their range is aimed at you.
Their luggage range covers fine luggage, backpacks, tote bags, cases for business travel and travel accessories.  While they weigh more than other luggage manufacturers' products, they are extremely durable and come with their exceptional lifetime guarantee.  Their NXpandable System gives more space in the bag when expanded and they have developed the Outsider handle that ensures wrinkle-free clothes by having a flat packing area.
Go Places carries the latest ranges of Briggs & Riley with 24-48 hour despatch Monday-Friday.
","briggs-riley","3582197781","collections/Briggs_Riley_Logo_Transparent_small_453e09e6-5d5d-4f7e-96fe-ce15c1c247d1.png","2018-03-27 17:43:10 +0100","","sub-collections","Briggs & Riley","/collections/briggs-riley" "0","title-ascending","

The @Work collection is designed for professionals and allows you to be at your most efficient with organisation being the foremost consideration.  Briggs & Riley have provided a great selection of features for this range with RFID blocking pockets, tablet protection, shoulder strap pockets and multiple pockets to organise your business essentials.  The @Work range comes with Briggs & Riley’s lifetime warranty

","briggs-and-riley-at-work","425378453","collections/kb306-4f_1.jpg","2017-05-23 16:28:33 +0100","","product-picker","Briggs & Riley @Work","/collections/briggs-and-riley-at-work" "0","best-selling","

The Baseline range is a classic.  Briggs & Riley have designed this high performance collection for frequent travellers who need travel solutions to fit their lifestyle.  This is one of the most innovative ranges in the markets with numerous features such as the Outsider handle that gives a flat packing surface on the inside of the case, CX patented technology on select styles that expands then compresses back down to the original size to allow you to pack for 10 days in a carry-on, built in suiter, corner guards and quick change wheels.  You also get Briggs & Riley’s lifetime guarantee that even covers damage caused by airlines!

","baseline","425379157","collections/U125CXSP-7f.jpg","2017-05-23 16:30:54 +0100","","product-picker","Briggs & Riley Baseline","/collections/baseline" "0","best-selling","

Briggs & Riley’s BRX range has a focus on weight – or lack of!  The emphasis is to make it easy for you to travel cross-town with a backpack, breeze through airports or go cross-country with a duffle bag.  The BRX collection comes with Briggs & Riley’s lifetime guarantee that includes damage caused by airlines.

","brx","425379285","","2017-05-23 16:38:37 +0100","","","Briggs & Riley BRX","/collections/brx" "0","best-selling","

Briggs & Riley’s Kinzie Street collection takes inspiration from the urban lifestyle with a range of stylish casual day bags designed with housing and transporting portable tech items at the forefront.  Made with high-performance materials such as Tartex fabric, RFID blocking pockets and leather touchpoints, the Kinzie Street range is made to withstand any urban environment.  This range comes with Briggs & Riley’s lifetime warranty.

","kinzie-street","425379541","collections/z140-10e.jpg","2017-05-23 16:39:42 +0100","","product-picker","Briggs & Riley Kinzie Street","/collections/kinzie-street" "0","best-selling","
Rhapsody is new for 2019 and sees Briggs & Riley's first foray into luggage specifically designed for female travellers.
Rhapsody combines elegance, functionality and durability and comes with Briggs & Riley's lifetime warranty that includes airline damage.
","briggs-riley-rhapsody","134963429456","collections/pb105-4f_1.jpg","2019-07-16 16:01:53 +0100","","product-picker","Briggs & Riley Rhapsody","/collections/briggs-riley-rhapsody" "0","best-selling","

Briggs & Riley’s Sympatico hard-shell suitcase collection is the world’s only expandable hard-sided luggage range.  Sympatico comes with a lifetime warranty that includes damage caused by airlines, so these cases are built for life.  These cases feature double swivel wheels for smooth 360 degree motion, an integrated TSA lock and a built-in suiter to keep suits and garments secure and minimising wrinkling during travel.


","sympatico","425379861","","2017-05-23 16:43:59 +0100","","product-picker","Briggs & Riley Sympatico","/collections/sympatico" "0","price-ascending","

Briggs & Riley's TORQ collection is the ONLY hardside luggage available that comes with a lifetime performance guarantee... and one that covers airline damage.  The TORQ range combines durability and lightweight thanks to the three-layer Makrolon polycarbonate material.  The range has built-in garment holder to minimize wrinkles when hanging items, a flexible retaining wall keep clothes out of the case zipper, and the double-wheel with wide base gives maximum stability and superb manoeuvrability with a low centre of gravity.

","torq","425379669","collections/qu127sp-31f.jpg","2017-05-23 16:42:20 +0100","","product-picker","Briggs & Riley Torq","/collections/torq" "0","best-selling","
Transcend is Briggs & Riley's soft-sided collection for more leisure-focused travellers.  The range includes both cabin and check-in luggage as well as a backpack and tote bag.
All come with Briggs & Riley's market-leading lifetime guarantee that includes damage caused by airlines.
","transcend","446009045","collections/tu429vxsp-46e.jpg","2017-08-17 16:18:23 +0100","","","Briggs & Riley Transcend","/collections/transcend" "23","best-selling","
British Airways offer a generous 56x45x25cm allowance for a cabin case.  Below you'll find the cabin cases that meet these dimensions including those with smaller dimensions that can also be taken onboard.
","british-airways-cabin-cases","136782741584","","2019-08-14 12:21:27 +0100","","","British Airways Cabin Cases","/collections/british-airways-cabin-cases" "28","best-selling","


Our selection of business luggage contains briefcases, wheeled laptop bags, folios and garment carriers – all you need to stay organised.  You'll find products from Samsonite, Delsey, Briggs & Riley, Babila and more.
","business","425378069","collections/58980-0555_01_41e12405-6755-4153-a17b-301658412c78.jpg","2017-05-23 16:26:27 +0100","","","Business","/collections/business" "24","best-selling","

We do our best to ensure the items in this category are on-board compliant. However not all products are allowable on all airlines. If you are not sure we recommend you check with you airline the sizes they allow.

","cabin-luggage","425090965","collections/delsey-caumartin-00207680311-02.jpg","2017-05-17 15:35:24 +0100","","","Cabin Cases","/collections/cabin-luggage" "2","best-selling","The range has a streamlined design and features the “Cambridge Floral” Joules heritage print","cambridge-floral","260539220048","collections/JLH0103-102_Joules_Cambridge_Floral_Group1.jpg","2021-03-09 13:50:25 +0000","","product-picker","Cambridge Floral","/collections/cambridge-floral" "0","best-selling","
For over 40 years the Caribee brand has provided Australians with innovative and quality made backpacks, travel and outdoor products.
Caribee is a firm favourite at Go Places with the Fast Track and Scare Crow ranges being among our best sellers, and the rest of the range close behind.  For us, the Caribee range is perfect for the urban traveller and adventurer with extremely well made products with user-friendly features.
","caribee","3582230549","collections/000caribeecaribee_logo__flat-CMYK_080617__300dpi.jpg","2018-03-27 17:45:29 +0100","","sub-collections","Caribee","/collections/caribee" "0","title-ascending","

Caribee’s best-selling Fast Track range has been a go-to for adventurers and travellers for years.  The Fast Track range has evolved to include small packs, carry on luggage, and larger 2-wheeled Travelpacks  - and all are built with innovative features and constructed to last.  This range looks great with the combinations of Black/Green and Blue/Yellow and offers outstanding functionality and value for money.

","fast-track","425376725","collections/fast-track-collection.gif","2017-05-23 16:21:03 +0100","","product-picker","Caribee Fast Track","/collections/fast-track" "0","best-selling","
The Scarecrow DX Series is a multi-purpose trolley bag & travel bag combo offering you the combined versatility of a gear bag with the practicality of traditional luggage. Option one, access the massive dual main compartment through the large U shape zippered opening on top, or option two, leave main compartment divided and open your bag like a suit case with it’s functional split level design. On the outside, all terrain wheels, push button aluminium trolley system and QR compression straps ensure you always make it to your destination in style.
","scarecrow","431405461","collections/Scarecrow_85_Olive_600px_preview.jpeg","2017-06-23 10:17:35 +0100","","","Caribee Scarecrow","/collections/scarecrow" "0","best-selling","

Caribee’s Sky Master range provides travellers with versatile and functional Travelpacks that not only look great, but are constructed to last, offer great value for money and can be transported on your back or via the oversize wheels.  The larger pieces in the range have 2 smooth-rolling wheels and an aluminium trolley system, as well as a detachable daypack that can be used as carry on luggage.  If you are looking for a dependable bag for your adventures, then look no further than the Sky Master range.

","sky-master","425377237","collections/skymaster-collection.gif","2017-05-23 16:23:18 +0100","","","Caribee Sky Master","/collections/sky-master" "0","best-selling","

The Time Traveller range from Caribee offers versatility to travellers with the option of using it as a backpack or pulling along via its 2 wheels.  As with all Caribee products, the build quality is great and the functionality is comprehensive with compartments to cater for clothes, laundry, laptops and devices depending on the size of the pack.

","time-traveller","425377813","collections/time-traveller.png","2017-05-23 16:26:04 +0100","","","Caribee Time Traveller","/collections/time-traveller" "44","best-selling","

If you are heading off for a mid-week or weekend City Break then we've got a great selection of cabin bags to accompany you.  Most manufacturers focus on capacity and lightness to enable you to take more with you and not waste weight with your case.

Tip: soft-sided cabin cases generally offer greater capacities and more functionality (easy access external pockets) than hard-sided cabin cases, but at the end of the day it is a personal preference.

","city-break","97259847760","","2019-01-09 17:21:59 +0000","","","City Break","/collections/city-break" "0","best-selling","","clearance","427424725","","2017-06-05 14:36:36 +0100","","","Clearance","/collections/clearance" "14","best-selling","
If you're looking for luggage that is easy to store when not being used then there is a host of duffle bags, backpacks and holdalls that don't take up much space.
","collapsible-luggage","33553940590","collections/747791924_pd_be_e98cfdeb-e781-4728-9d17-a5b800aa9856.jpg","2018-06-26 14:11:17 +0100","","","Collapsible Luggage","/collections/collapsible-luggage" "0","best-selling","


The COMPAC backpack by QUBEd is made from a tough textured polyester and contains a padded laptop compactment and 2 external pockets for mobile devices.
","compac","481001493","collections/1_QUBEd_WEEKEND_BACKPACK_BLACK_new.png","2017-10-27 11:04:09 +0100","","","COMPAC","/collections/compac" "2","best-selling","Sometimes you'll want to travel light to a business meeting or conference and not want to carry a briefcase or a bailhandle.  A conference folder allows you to carry documentation, notes or even a tablet without the weight of larger items.  Perfect for when you are skipping to various meetings during the day and don't need to take a laptop.","conference-folders","426725717","","2017-06-01 09:34:58 +0100","","","Conference Folders","/collections/conference-folders" "0","best-selling","Cortez offers a combination of high quality soft Colombian leather and superb Italian craftsmanship.  Their range includes laptop bags, briefcases and travel bags all offering a sophisticated look.","cortez","3582263317","collections/Cortez.jpg","2018-03-27 17:47:04 +0100","","sub-collections","Cortez","/collections/cortez" "3","best-selling","

The Cortez range of briefcases is made from drum-dyed soft Colombian cow-hide leather.  With a variety of styles, colours and sizes, these are designed for commuting and business travel, and keep your business organised when on the go.

","cortez-briefcases","425448469","collections/cortez-briefcases.png","2017-05-24 17:18:33 +0100","","","Cortez Briefcases","/collections/cortez-briefcases" "0","best-selling","

Cortez holdalls are made from drum-dyed soft Colombian cow-hide leather and offer a sophisticated look.  All pieces have fully lined interior and adjustable shoulder straps, and available in variety of colours and sizes for suit your needs.

","cortez-holdalls","425448533","collections/cortez-holdalls.png","2017-05-24 17:19:19 +0100","","","Cortez Holdalls","/collections/cortez-holdalls" "0","best-selling","

If you are looking for truly quirky luggage that will turn heads, then Crash Baggage deliver.  Pre-dented luggage?  Luggage that is see-through?  Yes to both!
Crash Baggage are from Venice and make really cool hard-sided luggage that can be 'handled without care'.  
","crash-baggage","158313709648","collections/crashbaggage-logo-1480324713.png","2019-12-31 10:04:58 +0000","","sub-collections","Crash Baggage","/collections/crash-baggage" "0","price-ascending","

Crash Baggage Icon

The Icon collection from Crash Baggage is icon in name and icon in design.  Why wait for the baggage handlers to dent your suitcase when you can buy one pre-dented!?  Genius!  Icon is made from tough Makrolon polycarbonate and comes with a 5-year warranty.

","crash-baggage-icon","158314201168","collections/icon-collection.jpg","2019-12-31 10:04:58 +0000","","product-picker","Crash Baggage Icon","/collections/crash-baggage-icon" "0","price-ascending","

Share by Crash Baggage

Share is for the most daring of travellers because these are completely transparent!  As with all Crash Baggage suitcases they come pre-dented, so you can handle without care!  Share is made from tough Makrolon polycarbonate and comes with a 5-year warranty.  If you want to show everyone what you're taking on holiday, then this range is just for you.

","crash-baggage-share","158314070096","collections/crash_baggage_transparent.jpg","2019-12-31 10:04:58 +0000","","product-picker","Crash Baggage Share","/collections/crash-baggage-share" "0","price-ascending","
Crash Baggage Stripe
The Stripe collection is a part of the Crash Baggage range of pre-dented suitcases that you can handle without care!  Why wait for the baggage handlers to cause dents to appear on your luggage?  Stripe is made from tough Makrolon polycarbonate and has a fully-lined interior, integrated TSA lock and comes with a 5-year warranty.
","crash-baggage-stripe","158314594384","collections/stripe-collection.jpg","2019-12-31 10:04:58 +0000","","product-picker","Crash Baggage Stripe","/collections/crash-baggage-stripe" "0","best-selling","
Delsey have been making innovative luggage for over 70 years.  Based in Paris, Delsey strive for an elegance and boldness in their collections that display a passion for history and architecture.  Their collections are designed to meet the requirements of leisure or business travellers and is subjected to stringent quality tests to make sure they are fit for purpose.
The Chatelet Air collection is Delsey's premium range and offers hard-sided suitcases with soft-sided luggage accessories.
If you have any questions about stock, then please call us on 01403 713332 or send us an email.
","delsey","3582296085","collections/delsey-logo_1.png","2018-03-27 17:48:07 +0100","","sub-collections","Delsey","/collections/delsey" "0","best-selling","
Brochant is Delsey's lightest soft-sided suitcase and is designed to make your travels easier with great functionality, durability and, of course, lightness.  The range includes 2-wheel and 4-wheel cabin cases as well as 67cm and 78cm suitcases.
","delsey-brochant","136347320400","collections/delsey_brochant_collection.jpg","2019-08-07 13:15:35 +0100","","","Delsey Brochant","/collections/delsey-brochant" "0","best-selling","With Caumartin Plus, combines lightness, style and security! Made completely of new generation polycarbonate, the Caumartin Plus case is ultra-light and resistant. Your possessions will be extremely secure with the Securitech® 2 zip, 41 times more resistant to intrusion than a regular zip. Travelling becomes a real pleasure with the 4 maneuverable, silent wheels. Caumartin Plus is the case you need for a comfortable journey.
","delsey-caumartin-plus","3569811477","collections/delsey-caumartin-plus-00207880104-02.jpg","2018-03-26 13:37:27 +0100","","","Delsey Caumartin Plus","/collections/delsey-caumartin-plus" "0","title-ascending","

Delsey have replaced the classic Chatelet Hard+ collection with Chatelet Air and now included a number of Chatelet Air Soft smaller luggage pieces.  This premium quality luggage range is made from extremely durable Makrolon polycarbonate, which also means that Chatelet Air is lighter than its predecessor.

The Chatelet Air combines an elegant Parisian design, great robustness and a remarkably comfortable rolling action. The exterior finish is very stylish with leather effect patches on the shell, as is the interior finish, which has various compartments and pockets. All cases in the range feature Delsey's Securitech zip, which is 41 times stronger than a standard suitcase zip!

","delsey-chatelet-air","33134444654","collections/delsey-chatelet-air-00167281006-02.jpg","2018-04-09 11:53:00 +0100","","product-picker","Delsey Chatelet Air","/collections/delsey-chatelet-air" "0","best-selling","
Egoa is the latest soft-sided Duffle Bag range from Delsey.  Delsey have a history of making great innovative duffle bags and Egoa continues that tradition with excellent functionality and durability.
","delsey-egoa","131102507088","collections/delsey-egoa-00322323104-02.jpg","2019-05-16 16:30:00 +0100","","product-picker","Delsey Egoa","/collections/delsey-egoa" "0","best-selling","

The Helium Classic 2 collection is perfect for travellers looking for secure, light, durable and great value for money luggage.

The range comes with integrated TSA lock, Delsey's Securitech zip that is 41 times stronger than a standard zip, and has a 3 year limited warranty.
","helium-classic-2","434637141","collections/delsey-helium-classic-2-00380180112-01.jpg","2017-07-06 15:20:08 +0100","","","Delsey Helium Classic 2","/collections/helium-classic-2" "0","best-selling","

The Delsey Montsouris collection has been updated for 2018 with a new EVA-thermoformed structure for prime shock absorption and larger capacities.  Delsey have also smartened up the looks of the Montsouris and added their patented Securitech zip, which is 41 times stronger than a standard zip, to all size cases.  There are also new stronger zip pulls and integrated TSA lock.

","montsouris","425352853","collections/delsey-montsouris-00236572200-02.jpg","2017-05-23 14:22:52 +0100","","","Delsey Montsouris","/collections/montsouris" "0","price-ascending","

The Segur collection has a simple, charmingly classic look, with the case itself being durable and secure.  As with Delsey’s soft-sided Montmartre Air range, Segur has a detachable and machine washable interior.  This range also features Securitech zip with reinforced pullers and is 41 times stronger that standard zips, double wheels on each corner for easy handling, high resistance finishing on the exterior of the case, an integrated TSA lock, and a 5-year warranty.

","segur","425352917","collections/00203882108-1.png","2017-05-23 14:24:32 +0100","","","Delsey Segur","/collections/segur" "0","best-selling","

Delsey Turenne

Turenne replaces Delsey's flagship Helium Air 2 range and combines an elegant timeless look with lightness, durability and great capacities.  Turenne is made from Makrolon polycarbonate and is Delsey's lightest ever hard-sided suitcase.  It comes with their Securitech zip, which is 41 times stronger than a standard zip.



","delsey-turenne","2621571093","collections/delsey-turenne-00162182011-03-02.jpg","2018-02-07 10:11:04 +0000","","","Delsey Turenne","/collections/delsey-turenne" "0","best-selling","
Dock & Bay beach towels are all about colour and fun.  The added bonus is that their towels are also compact, fast drying and sand-free.  They come with a travel pouch and you can fit one of these easily into your cabin bag when you want to travel light.  We've used these towels here at Go Places love them!
","dock-bay","156976906320","collections/dock_and_bay_brand_logo.jpg","2019-11-27 16:31:21 +0000","","sub-collections","Dock & Bay","/collections/dock-bay" "1","best-selling","
Cabana is Dock & Bay's timeless striped design. This beach holiday accessory is a great value towel and comes with a travel pouch.  Cabana is a collection of sand-free, quick drying and lightweight beach towels available in 2 sizes:
","dock-bay-cabana","138138026064","collections/CABANA-GREEN-1-LAR-collection.jpg","2019-09-05 10:43:25 +0100","","product-picker","Dock & Bay Cabana","/collections/dock-bay-cabana" "0","best-selling","

Dock & Bay's 'Classic' range of towels come in 2 vibrant colours and are lightweight, fast-drying and come with a travel pouch so the towel can be easily tucked away in your luggage without taking up much space.

","dock-bay-classic","138145464400","collections/CLASSIC-PINK-2-LAR-collection.jpg","2019-09-05 13:51:42 +0100","","product-picker","Dock & Bay Classic","/collections/dock-bay-classic" "1","best-selling","
The Sway Collection from Dock & Bay brings even more colour to the beach!  Available in 4 different colours and in either Large or Extra Large, these beach towels are not only look great, but are extremely functional in being compact and fast drying.
","dock-bay-sway","156977528912","collections/SWAY-ARCTIC-2-XLG.jpg","2019-11-27 16:31:21 +0000","","product-picker","Dock & Bay Sway","/collections/dock-bay-sway" "3","best-selling","


","duffle","425091413","collections/74852-1908_01.jpg","2017-05-17 15:35:30 +0100","","","Duffle Bags","/collections/duffle" "0","best-selling","

In 1992, founder and owner Daniel Rubin embarked on a dream to create an affordable luxury footwear and accessories brand with a small concession store on London’s Oxford Street.

Dune London now boasts a new travel goods category to add to its fast growing accessories business offering an unparalleled combination of quality and unique fashion focused designs. Go Places are proud to be one of the first to offer these new ranges.

","dune-london","158854873168","collections/dune-london.png","2020-01-23 09:04:33 +0000","","sub-collections","Dune London","/collections/dune-london" "3","best-selling","","dune-london-oracle","261763629136","collections/ORCLH-Blk_1.jpg","2021-09-16 14:04:48 +0100","","product-picker","Dune London Oracle","/collections/dune-london-oracle" "1","price-ascending","
Dune London Tamara
A super lightweight range of luggage made from super strong woven fabrics, with the design inspired by the quilt pattern of Dune’s ‘Evangelina’ quilted bag.


","dune-london-tamara","158855037008","collections/TAMARA_LARGE_LOW_no_Sticker.jpg","2020-09-28 15:21:37 +0100","","product-picker","Dune London Tamara","/collections/dune-london-tamara" "1","price-ascending","
Dune London Tianna
A super lightweight range of luggage made from super strong woven fabrics, with the design inspired by the quilt pattern of Dune’s ‘Evangelina’ quilted bag.
","dune-london-tianna","158855004240","collections/TIANNA_LARGE_LOW_copy.jpg","2020-09-28 15:21:55 +0100","","product-picker","Dune London Tianna","/collections/dune-london-tianna" "5","best-selling","","dune-london-tonbridge","261610471504","collections/Tonbridge_Silver_72dpi.jpg","2021-08-19 14:11:40 +0100","","product-picker","Dune London Tonbridge","/collections/dune-london-tonbridge" "1","best-selling","","dune-london-tristan","261610504272","collections/Tristan_2_72dpi.jpg","2021-08-19 14:21:19 +0100","","product-picker","Dune London Tristan","/collections/dune-london-tristan" "4","price-ascending","
The Olive collection is made from a superlight and strong material which is impact resistant. Four smooth double wheels with 360° rotation and Dune London logo hubcaps. Internal pockets and straps for organised packing. A lightweight trolley system with signature gold finish. TSA Padlock included. A 2-year manufacturer's warranty.
","dune-olive","168532115536","collections/OLM67-Blg_6.jpg","2020-09-28 11:37:22 +0100","","product-picker","Dune Olive","/collections/dune-olive" "5","price-ascending","
The Oriel collection is made from a superlight and durable abrasion resistant material. Four smooth double wheels with 360° rotation and Dune London logo hubcaps. Internal pockets and straps for organised packing. A lightweight trolley system with signature gold finish. TSA Padlock included. A 2-year manufacturer's warranty.
","dune-oriel","168534474832","collections/ORL78-Blm_6.jpg","2020-09-28 14:56:47 +0100","","product-picker","Dune Oriel","/collections/dune-oriel" "1","price-ascending","
The Ovangelina collection is made from a superlight and strong material which is impact resistant. Four smooth double wheels with 360° rotation and Dune London logo hubcaps. Internal pockets and straps for organised packing. A lightweight trolley system with signature gold finish. TSA Padlock included. A 2-year manufacturer's warranty.
","dune-ovangelina","168532607056","collections/OVL77-Nu_6.jpg","2020-09-28 12:42:03 +0100","","product-picker","Dune Ovangelina","/collections/dune-ovangelina" "5","best-selling","","dune-toronto","263093452880","collections/Toronto1_-_Copy.jpg","2022-05-12 14:25:19 +0100","","product-picker","Dune Toronto","/collections/dune-toronto" "0","best-selling","




","duopack","260547051600","collections/duopack_3pc_blue.png","2021-03-10 16:39:03 +0000","","product-picker","Duopack","/collections/duopack" "3","best-selling","","eastpak-backpacks","261136875600","collections/Doubleble1.jpg","2021-06-01 16:26:53 +0100","","product-picker","Eastpak Backpacks","/collections/eastpak-backpacks" "0","best-selling","

Eastpak’s Container 65 is a durable 2-wheeled holdall with plenty of capacity to maneuverer your belongings wherever you go!  The bag has a main compartment, zipped front pocket, smooth wheel system, telescopic handle, 2 padded side handles and an inside pocket with zip.  The bag has a capacity of 77 litres and is made from durable polyester.  All this comes with Eastpak’s famous 30-year warranty.

","container-65","425373333","","2017-05-23 16:01:50 +0100","","","Eastpak Container 65","/collections/container-65" "0","best-selling","

Eastpak’s Container 85 is a great, reliable 2-wheeled holdall with plenty of capacity to maneuverer your belongings wherever you go!  The bag has a large main compartment, zipped front pocket, smooth wheel system, telescopic handle, 2 padded side handles and an inside pocket with zip.  The bag has a capacity of 142 litres and is made from durable polyester.  All this comes with Eastpak’s famous 30-year warranty.

","container-85","425373141","","2017-05-23 16:00:24 +0100","","","Eastpak Container 85","/collections/container-85" "4","best-selling","","eastpak-holdalls","263075856464","collections/stand4_-_Copy.jpg","2022-05-10 14:03:01 +0100","","","Eastpak Holdalls","/collections/eastpak-holdalls" "0","best-selling","
Trans4 is the 4-Wheel version of the popular Tranverz 2-Wheel Duffle Bag collection from Eastpak.  If you prefer duffle bags to suitcases then Trans4 is perfect with a roomy double-deck compartment, 30-year warranty and integrated TSA lock for security.
","eastpak-trans4","152911380560","collections/EK82L008-collection.jpg","2019-10-18 09:07:32 +0100","","product-picker","Eastpak Trans4","/collections/eastpak-trans4" "2","best-selling","","eastpak-transitr","263075758160","collections/navy1_-_Copy.jpg","2022-05-10 13:59:56 +0100","","product-picker","Eastpak Transit'R","/collections/eastpak-transitr" "0","best-selling","

The Tranverz is a great 2-wheel duffle bag made from very durable ballistic grade nylon.  This is a great urban / casual bag for your travels and comes in Small, Medium and Large, so it is just as suitable for weekends away as it is on longer travel adventures.  The Tranverz features a double deck main compartment, 2 internal zippered compartments with garment straps, compression straps that adjust to suit the contents of the bag, telescopic handle, and padded handles on the top and side.

","tranverz","1798570005","collections/Eastpak-Tranverz-L-Mailchimp.jpg","2018-01-11 09:14:31 +0000","","product-picker","Eastpak Tranverz","/collections/tranverz" "0","price-ascending","
The Tranverz CNNCT collection is designed with business in mind.  Eastpak have taken the hugely popular Tranverz leisure duffle bag and added pockets and functionality aimed for modern business.
","eastpak-tranverz-cnnct","155170406480","collections/EK95D80W-collection.jpg","2019-11-04 15:47:07 +0000","","product-picker","Eastpak Tranverz CNNCT","/collections/eastpak-tranverz-cnnct" "0","best-selling","
The Tranverz Constructed range is a great 2-wheel duffle bag made from ballistic grade nylon and tougher than the standard Tranverz range. This is a great urban / casual bag for your travels and comes in Small, Medium and Large, so it is just as suitable for weekends away as it is on longer travel adventures. The Tranverz features a double deck main compartment, 2 internal zippered compartments with garment straps, compression straps that adjust to suit the contents of the bag, telescopic handle, and padded handles on the top and side.
","eastpak-tranverz-constructed","164913086544","collections/EK62LA42_Constructed_Mono_Camo_Side_2f7dd54e-adb1-4c8a-9fd3-6e60bfbc0acc.jpg","2020-06-11 11:06:55 +0100","","","Eastpak Tranverz Constructed","/collections/eastpak-tranverz-constructed" "0","best-selling","

Founded in 1952, Eastpak started off by making bags and duffels for the US Army and then over the years moved on to make backpacks that are used and loved by students, travellers, skateboarders and the urban fashion conscious.  The bags are incredibly durable and come with a 30-year guarantee.

You'll find a range of travelbags and backpacks that will go wherever you want to take them - from big capacity 2-wheeled trolleys to backpacks that will carry your laptop and your daily supplies.

","eastpak","3582328853","collections/Eastpak_logo_brand.png","2018-03-27 17:49:30 +0100","","sub-collections","Eastpak Wheeled Duffle Bags","/collections/eastpak" "23","best-selling","

easyJet give travellers a generous allowance for cabin cases to be taken on board - the maximum dimensions are 56x45x25cm. Below you'll find a selection of cabin cases that meet these dimensions as well as those that are smaller than can be taken onboard.

","easyjet-cabin-cases","451870037","","2017-09-29 16:53:31 +0100","","","easyJet Cabin Cases","/collections/easyjet-cabin-cases" "0","best-selling","
Eminent is one of the largest luggage and suitcase manufacturers in the world.
Founded in 1979, Eminent manufactures luggage for some of the world's largest and most trusted brands. As well as manufacturing products for brands they also create their own luggage. The design, engineering and excellence in manufacturing means that Eminent luggage is among the best on the market.
Next Working Day Delivery
Go Places stocks the widest range of Eminent suitcases and luggage with free mainland UK delivery, and we aim to ship orders received by 3:00pm Monday to Friday on the same day (subject to payment being approved). We also carry some spare parts for Eminent luggage so contact us if you need a replacement lock or wheels.
If you have any questions then please call us on 01403 713332 or send us an email.
","eminent","3582394389","collections/Eminent_Logo_plain_RGB_1.jpg","2018-03-27 17:50:47 +0100","","sub-collections","Eminent","/collections/eminent" "0","best-selling","

Eminent’s Air Lock Collection is hard-sided made from Makrolon with an aluminium frame.  This range incorporates 2 TSA locks that secure the case instead of a zip.  If you are looking for a case, especially checked-in cases, with enhanced security then this is a great option.  The Air Lock collection has a fully lined interior with mesh divider and restraining straps, multi-position telescopic handle, and double wheels on each corner to enhance manoeuvrability.

","air-lock","425353941","collections/air-lock-collection.gif","2017-05-23 14:32:16 +0100","","product-picker","Eminent Air Lock","/collections/air-lock" "0","best-selling","

The Air On collection from Eminent is lightweight and extremely durable, and offers outstanding value for money.  The range is made from lightweight Makrolon polycarbonate and features an integrated TSA lock, fully lined interior with mesh divider and elasticated packing straps, a telescopic handle and all cases are 4-wheel spinners.

","air-on","425353813","collections/air-on-collection.gif","2017-05-23 14:31:32 +0100","","","Eminent Air On","/collections/air-on" "0","best-selling","

Who wants luggage that won't run away down a hill? The appeal of the series INTERLOCK lies not only in it’s subtle colors, the multi-directional wheels with 360° rotation and it’s recessed TSA lock; it particularly lies in it’s built-in locking brake. Within the robust framework your things stay in best condition within a practical mesh divider panel and several packing straps.

","interlock","429140373","collections/INTERLOCK_4715670148803-KG40-28-1.jpg","2017-06-13 14:00:15 +0100","","","Eminent Interlock","/collections/interlock" "0","best-selling","

Eminent’s Move Air range brings together durability, lightness and great value for money.  This collection has received plaudits from Channel 5’s ‘The Gadget Show’, where it out-performed cases far more expensive, and Skyscanner who performed a number of tests to try and destroy a number of suitcases.  Eminent are the largest manufacturer of hard-sided cases in the world and the Move Air range incorporates their knowledge and provides one of the best value cases around.  The Move Air has a fully-lined interior, integrated TSA lock, double wheels on each corner, telescopic handle, and comes with a 5-year warranty.

","move-air","425354197","collections/Move_Air_Collection.jpg","2017-05-23 14:43:08 +0100","","product-picker","Eminent Move Air","/collections/move-air" "0","title-ascending","
Novation is not only extremely durable and ultra-light, but it is also 100% recyclable!  This hard-sided suitcase range from Eminent is new for 2018 and is a step up from the best-selling Move Air range.
","eminent-novation","33646903406","collections/NOVATION_GREY_GROUP.jpg","2019-09-06 11:07:02 +0100","","product-picker","Eminent Novation","/collections/eminent-novation" "0","best-selling","
Eminent’s Porta Lite Collection is hard-sided made from Makrolon polycarbonate, extremely break resistant.This range incorporates a fixed TSA lock.If you are looking for a case, especially checked-in cases, with enhanced security then this is a great option.The Porta Lite collection has a fully lined interior with a zip away divider for organised packing and a lockable multi-position aluminium trolley system.
","eminent-porta-lite","131501654096","collections/PORTA_LITE_GROUP_LOW_RES.jpg","2019-05-23 10:44:08 +0100","","","Eminent Porta Lite","/collections/eminent-porta-lite" "50","best-selling","","end-of-year-offers","169578397776","","2020-12-15 20:37:53 +0000","","","End of Year Offers","/collections/end-of-year-offers" "1","title-ascending","
Major luggage manufacturers such as Samsonite and Eminent are starting to produce luggage from recycled materials or material that can be recycled in a quest to be kinder to the planet.
","environmentally-friendly","98397159504","","2019-02-15 17:17:11 +0000","","","Environmentally Friendly","/collections/environmentally-friendly" "0","best-selling","

Caribee Europa

The Europa series from Caribee is their latest travel series and has been designed for multi-activity trips with its reinforced 1200D Dimotec material.  Both the 60 litre and 70 litre pieces come with a daypack that’s great to take on flights, and are comfortable whether transported on your back or pulled along via their ample 2-wheels.  Caribee’s 40+ year experience in making outstanding travelpacks makes this range a ‘must-have’ for adventurers and travellers alike.
","europa","425377621","collections/europa-collection.gif","2017-05-23 16:24:30 +0100","","","Europa","/collections/europa" "20","best-selling","","expandable","449361685","","2017-09-01 16:05:32 +0100","","","Expandable","/collections/expandable" "9","manual","
We now stock hand sanitiser and face coverings for use when travelling, commuting, at work or visiting friends.  The hand sanitiser is available in 100ml and 500ml bottles and the face coverings are KN95/FFP2 grade, which filter out 95% of particles.
","face-masks-hand-sanitiser","163650895952","","2020-05-15 11:39:35 +0100","","","Face Coverings & Hand Sanitiser","/collections/face-masks-hand-sanitiser" "1","price-ascending","
Face masks are now essential daily items, especially for international travel.  The KN95 (also known as FFP2) grade face mask is worn to protect the spread of infection from yourself and for the protection from other people's germs. KN95 face masks filter out at least 95% of particles that are 0.3 microns or larger.  These face masks are ideal for day-to-day usage in the current coronavirus crisis as well as for travel and on construction sites.
","face-masks","160473710672","collections/Picture1.jpg","2020-04-03 11:44:23 +0100","","product-picker","Face Masks","/collections/face-masks" "0","best-selling","
Joules men’s luggage collection “Farlow” takes inspiration from the brands classic British heritage
","farlow","260539285584","collections/JLH6103-002_Joules_Farlow_Marine_Navy_Cabin_Group1.jpg","2021-03-09 13:53:27 +0000","","product-picker","Farlow","/collections/farlow" "0","title-ascending","
Used by millions around the world, the Legmaster is a great way to strengthen your pelvic floor, tone your thighs, lift your buttocks and aid incontinence.  Start with 20 reps and build it up from there!
","fiona-summers-legmaster","160205045840","collections/Legmaster_Collection.jpg","2020-03-24 09:18:43 +0000","","","Fiona Summers Legmaster","/collections/fiona-summers-legmaster" "3","best-selling","","flying-colours","260868145232","collections/TBU_Ted_Baker_Flying_Colours_Luggage_Baltic_Blue_Grp1.jpg","2021-04-21 14:02:25 +0100","","product-picker","FLYING COLOURS","/collections/flying-colours" "204","best-selling","All full price products in our store. Use discount code GO10% at checkout to receive 10% off these items!","full-price-products","428354709","","2017-06-09 14:47:39 +0100","","","Full price products","/collections/full-price-products" "1","best-selling","
Garment carriers enable you to transport your suit, dresses and other attire with minimum fuss and minimum creasing.  You'll find bi-fold, tri-fold, wheeled and non-wheeled garment carriers on Go Places.
","garment-carriers","426726805","collections/75115-1041_01.jpg","2017-06-01 09:54:09 +0100","","","Garment Carriers & Bags","/collections/garment-carriers" "2","best-selling","
If you're travelling for business then you'll want to arrive organised, so we've put together a selection of luggage that's designed for today's business needs.
You'll find backpacks, briefcases and bailhandle bags for your daily commute or if you're travelling further afield then browse the selection of wheeled laptop and cabin bags.
","business-traveller","1167622165","collections/go-places-business-traveller.jpg","2017-11-30 12:39:56 +0000","","","Gifts for Business Travellers","/collections/business-traveller" "52","title-ascending","
If you've already got your next holiday booked and want new lighter / brighter / more durable / easier to manoeuvre luggage then we've put together some ideas.
Sizing Tips:
55cm/56cm cabin case: great for weekends away or you can pack a week's belongings to hot places.
69cm/70cm suitcase: great for travel for up to 7 days (or 10 days if you are a light packer)
75cm/76cm suitcase: we recommend these size cases for travels of up to 2 weeks.
81cm+ suitcase: perfect for families or those travelling for 2+ weeks.
If you need assistance or have any questions about the products then please call us on 01403 713332.
","leisure-traveller","1167589397","collections/delsey-montsouris-gifting.jpg","2017-11-30 12:11:09 +0000","","","Gifts for Leisure Travellers","/collections/leisure-traveller" "58","best-selling","
Whatever the season or reason, you'll find plenty of luggage gift ideas for the male traveller including suitcases, cabin cases, duffle bags & business bags.  You'll find products from Samsonite, Delsey, Ted Baker, American Tourister and more.
","gifts-for-men","1151664149","collections/neopulse-small_large_ff3b0e81-0e5d-4f2e-abf5-9bc23dfdad96.png","2017-11-30 11:43:31 +0000","","","Gifts For Men","/collections/gifts-for-men" "72","best-selling","
Whatever the season or reason, you'll find plenty of luggage gift ideas for the female traveller including suitcases, cabin cases, duffle bags & business bags.  You'll find products from  Ted Baker, Dune London, Joules, Samsonite and more.
","gifts-for-women","1151565845","collections/Albany-Small-Duffel-mailchimp.jpg","2017-11-30 11:41:25 +0000","","","Gifts for Women","/collections/gifts-for-women" "8","best-selling","Whether you are travelling or not, hand sanitiser, especially during this coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, is a good idea to kill germs.  We sell UK-made hand sanitiser that is made using the recipe specified by the World Health Organisation (WHO).","hand-sanitiser","160110215248","collections/MALLOWS_Collection.jpg","2020-05-13 10:52:23 +0100","","","Hand Sanitiser","/collections/hand-sanitiser" "69","best-selling","Hard Sided Luggage has become more and more popular - especially larger items that need to be checked in at the airport.  Over the years these cases have become lighter and more durable with the main materials being polypropylene (as used on Samsonite's S'Cure range or Delsey's Belfort Plus range), polycarbonate (as used in Delsey's Helium Air 2 range or Samsonite's Neopulse collection) or CURV, which is exclusive to Samsonite and can be seen in their Lite Shock, Cosmolite, Lite Cube DLX and Lite-Biz collections.","hard-sided-luggage","449361429","","2017-09-01 15:59:57 +0100","","","Hard Sided Luggage","/collections/hard-sided-luggage" "0","best-selling","

Mossman Harris Tweed Trunks

Mossman’s range of Harris Tweed trunks is hand-built in the UK with genuine hand-woven Harris Tweed fabric covering.  The trunks also featured traditional rigid black PVC edging and nickel plated brass effect fittings.  This range of trunks is extremely popular with both the ‘shabby chic’ fashion where they are being utilised as tables with storage, and boarding schools.  They come in a range of sizes to suit everyone’s needs.
","harris-tweed-trunks","425381717","","2017-05-23 17:01:15 +0100","","","Harris Tweed Trunks","/collections/harris-tweed-trunks" "1","best-selling","","hello-cabin","262812500048","collections/blue4.jpg","2022-03-11 13:56:31 +0000","","product-picker","Hello Cabin","/collections/hello-cabin" "2","manual","","hensol-castle","164061741136","","2020-05-20 12:48:31 +0100","","","Hensol Castle","/collections/hensol-castle" "0","title-ascending","","frontpage","372057670","","2017-02-22 09:39:58 +0000","","","Home page","/collections/frontpage" "23","title-ascending","

No matter what time of year you are travelling to Ibiza you'll want to arrive with luggage that encapsulates the fun and vibrancy of the White Isle.  Whether you are partying in Ibiza town, at the superclubs and beach bars at Playa Den Bossa or San Antoni, or if you are relaxing on the beaches, then you'll want luggage that is not only functional, but looks great.  Check out our collection of what we call 'Ibiza luggage', including ranges like Bon Air, Soundbox, Montsouris, Paradiver Light and Herolite, that will have you sorted whether it's a quick weekend trip or a longer holiday.

","ibiza-luggage-cabin-cases-suitcases","451599125","","2017-09-28 11:10:12 +0100","","","Ibiza Luggage Cabin Cases & Suitcases","/collections/ibiza-luggage-cabin-cases-suitcases" "39","best-selling","
If you are planning an overnight or weekend trip then we've put together a selection of great cabin cases, backpacks, duffle bags and more that provide sufficient capacity to carry your belongings.  Of course, if you are planning on taking a lot of stuff with you then you might want to look at larger cases.
","ideal-for-2-days-of-travel","130292711504","collections/BBG28301-065-02-PRDD.jpg","2019-04-30 13:26:07 +0100","","","Ideal for 2 Days of Travel","/collections/ideal-for-2-days-of-travel" "19","best-selling","
If you are travelling for 10-14 days then we recommend suitcases that are sized approximately 75cm because they offer ideal capacities.  There are plenty of options to choose from as this is a popular travel duration.
","ideal-for-2-weeks-of-travel","130303557712","collections/FLUX-MAILCHIMP.jpg","2019-04-30 17:40:54 +0100","","","Ideal for 2 Weeks of Travel","/collections/ideal-for-2-weeks-of-travel" "16","best-selling","
If you are travelling for 2+ weeks then you'll need a big suitcase.  We recommend looking at suitcases that are approx. 80cm in size, which should mean you can take everything you need.  We also recommend this size case if you are travelling to colder climates where big warm clothes are essential.
","ideal-for-2-plus-weeks-of-travel","130302869584","collections/PROD_COL_115763_L470_FRONT34.jpg","2019-04-30 17:03:12 +0100","","","Ideal for 2+ Weeks of Travel","/collections/ideal-for-2-plus-weeks-of-travel" "15","best-selling","
If you're travelling for 7-10 days then we recommend a suitcase with sizing between 65cm and 70cm.  These generally offer enough capacity for your travels, but this does depend on where you are travelling (colder climates) or if you travel with a lot of stuff (do you need THAT many shoes??)
","ideal-for-7-to-10-days-of-travel","130301493328","collections/su127cxsp-59e.jpg","2019-04-30 17:03:12 +0100","","","Ideal for 7 to 10 Days of Travel","/collections/ideal-for-7-to-10-days-of-travel" "4","best-selling","","joules-coast","262006014032","collections/Joules_Coast_Luggage_French_Navy_Grp3.jpg","2021-10-21 10:30:46 +0100","","product-picker","Joules Coast","/collections/joules-coast" "9","title-ascending","

If you are looking for business bags and backpacks tailored for ladies, then we've got a great selection that cater for most requirements.  You'll find stylish bailhandle bags and backpacks designed to keep even the most organised more organised with compartments for business and leisure items.

","ladies-business-bags-handbags-backpacks","451598549","collections/882341265_pd_be_c3135c70-63b1-4100-bc8d-a6cf00ee6f64.jpg","2017-09-28 10:37:52 +0100","","","Ladies Business Bags Handbags & Backpacks","/collections/ladies-business-bags-handbags-backpacks" "1","best-selling","","laptop-backpacks","426721237","collections/74780-1908_04.jpg","2017-06-01 08:53:22 +0100","","","Laptop Backpacks","/collections/laptop-backpacks" "28","created-descending","","laptop-bags","261922259024","collections/acitybrf2_d1e72540-753c-40dd-b286-0d3c1a7370e3.png","2021-10-06 16:52:52 +0100","","","Laptop Bags","/collections/laptop-bags" "0","best-selling","","large-suitcases","58024722512","","2018-08-14 18:48:01 +0100","","","Large Suitcases","/collections/large-suitcases" "0","best-selling","Luciano Fabrini offers a range of holdalls, briefcases and backpacks and all are made from top grade Italian tanned cow hide leather.","luciano-fabrini","3582459925","collections/Untitled-1.jpg","2018-03-27 17:55:04 +0100","","sub-collections","Luciano Fabrini","/collections/luciano-fabrini" "0","best-selling","

Go Places stock a range of leather backpacks by Luciano Fabrini.  All backpacks are made from top quality Italian tanned cow hide leather, fully lined, designed for a classic and timeless look, and have a variety of pockets /compartments to keep you organised. 

","luciano-fabrini-backpacks","425448661","collections/luciano-fabrini-backpacks.png","2017-05-24 17:20:59 +0100","","","Luciano Fabrini Backpacks","/collections/luciano-fabrini-backpacks" "1","best-selling","

Go Places stock a range of briefcases by Luciano Fabrini.  All briefcases are made from top quality Italian tanned cow hide leather, fully lined with pockets to keep your contents orgainsed and designed for a classic look. 

","luciano-fabrini-briefcases","425448597","collections/luciano-fabrini-briefcases.png","2017-05-24 17:19:58 +0100","","","Luciano Fabrini Briefcases","/collections/luciano-fabrini-briefcases" "0","best-selling","

The Luciano Fabrini range of holdalls and barrel bags are all made from top grade Italian tanned cow hide leather.  The range comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours to suit your business and leisure requirements.

","luciano-fabrini-holdalls","426931093","collections/luciano-fabrini-holdalls.png","2017-06-02 13:53:09 +0100","","","Luciano Fabrini Holdalls","/collections/luciano-fabrini-holdalls" "188","best-selling","Browse our full range of luggage or filter by category including hard-side and soft-side luggage, 4-wheeled luggage, garment bags, backpacks and travelpacks and more.","luggage","58152616016","","2018-09-05 16:16:30 +0100","","","Luggage","/collections/luggage" "4","best-selling","
More and more travellers are buying luggage covers to protect their suitcase whilst travelling - particularly for air travel.  Here is a selection of covers to fit most suitcases.  Even though these are manufactured for certain products they will fit suitcases with similar dimensions.
","luggage-covers","138127835216","","2019-09-05 09:32:36 +0100","","","Luggage Covers","/collections/luggage-covers" "5","best-selling","
Looking for more than one suitcase for your travels? Buy a set and save money!
","luggage-sets","261178687568","","2021-06-08 19:36:19 +0100","","","Luggage Sets","/collections/luggage-sets" "4","price-ascending","Produced in a Cardiff-based distillery, this Mallows hand rub has been made to the World Health Organisation approved recipe.  The brand's labelling is bright and colourful with a shout-out to positivity, giving 5% of all their profits to mental health charities.  This distillery is also supplying the NHS and Metropolitan Police with the same hand rub.","mallows","160838189136","","2020-04-10 10:09:28 +0100","","product-picker","Mallows","/collections/mallows" "0","best-selling","","man-made-briefcases","426552725","","2017-05-31 16:36:06 +0100","","","Man Made Briefcases","/collections/man-made-briefcases" "0","best-selling","","medium-suitcases","58024689744","","2018-08-14 18:47:21 +0100","","","Medium Suitcases","/collections/medium-suitcases" "0","best-selling","
Mossman have been making high-quality trunks and tuck boxes since 1938 and continue to use their tried and tested construction methods.  Whether you are looking for an industrial trunks for your business, one for storage at home, or for packing off your kids to boarding school then Mossman’s hand-crafted products will suit your needs.
","mossman","3582492693","collections/Mossman-Logo.jpg","2018-03-27 17:56:36 +0100","","sub-collections","Mossman","/collections/mossman" "0","best-selling","

Mossman are the only UK trunk maker to use first grade birch ply as the base for their trunks.  The vinyl covered trunks come in an array of sizes and colours to suit your needs and all products are hand-built in their Cambridgeshire workshop.

","vinyl-covered-trunks","425382165","","2017-05-23 17:06:54 +0100","","","Mossman Vinyl Covered Trunks","/collections/vinyl-covered-trunks" "0","best-selling","

If you are looking for a robust trunk for storage and / or transportation then Mossman’s range of Stucco Aluminium Industrial Trunks is a perfect solution.  Hand-built in the UK since 1938, this range has a wooden frame that is pinned and glued then the natural aluminium with rippled finish is added.

","stucco-aluminium-industrial-trunks","425381525","","2017-05-23 16:59:32 +0100","","","Mossman Stucco Aluminium Industrial Trunks","/collections/stucco-aluminium-industrial-trunks" "0","best-selling","

Mossman’s use of first grade birch as a base means the strength and integrity of the frame is not compromised compared to other manufacturers who use second grade plywood.  The trunks have reinforced corners metal corners, high impact plastic edging, carry handles and provision for a padlock.  Mossman hand-build all their trunks in the UK using the same methods since 1938.

","stucco-aluminium-trunks","425381845","","2017-05-23 17:02:34 +0100","","","Mossman Stucco Aluminium Trunks","/collections/stucco-aluminium-trunks" "0","best-selling","

Mossman’s range of vinyl industrial trunks uses great quality leather-grain colours and first grade birch to ensure quality, strength and durability are not compromised.  Mossman have been using the same techniques since 1938 when hand-building each and every trunk in the UK.  These trunks come in a range is great colours and sizes.

","vinyl-covered-industrial-trunks","425382677","","2017-05-23 17:11:41 +0100","","","Mossman Vinyl Covered Industrial Trunks","/collections/vinyl-covered-industrial-trunks" "0","best-selling","NEW","new","33687601262","","2018-07-13 12:42:46 +0100","","","New","/collections/new" "27","best-selling","
Norwegian offer a cabin case allowance of 55x40x23cm including those items that have smaller dimensions.  Below you'll find a selection of cabin luggage that meets Norwegian's allowance.
","norwegian-air-cabin-cases","136783200336","","2019-08-14 12:42:07 +0100","","","Norwegian Air Cabin Cases","/collections/norwegian-air-cabin-cases" "0","title-ascending","","other-accessories","138133340240","","2019-09-05 10:43:25 +0100","","","Other Accessories","/collections/other-accessories" "0","best-selling","
Pliqo garment bags are designed to make travelling with your suit or formalwear as easy as possible.  Their goal is to keep your belongings crease-free and Pliqo's garment bags are made from abrasion-resistant nylon with leather trim.  Pliqo's focus is garment bags, so their specialist knowledge is worth checking out.
","pliqo","135482867792","collections/pligo_brand_logo.jpg","2019-07-24 12:55:48 +0100","","","Pliqo","/collections/pliqo" "7","best-selling","","pre-order","260679434320","","2021-03-28 14:30:36 +0100","","","Pre-order","/collections/pre-order" "24","title-ascending","
If you're a frequent flyer then you'll want luggage that is built to last.  Delsey's Chatelet Air is timeless, Samsonite's Lite-Cube and Lite-Shock ranges are made from the ultra-durable and lightweight Curv material and Briggs & Riley products come with a Lifetime Warranty the includes airline damage.
","premium-luggage","137329213520","","2019-08-22 14:56:42 +0100","","","Premium Luggage","/collections/premium-luggage" "0","best-selling","

Eastpak Provider

The Provider Backpack is perfect for the urban warrior who wants a spacious pack (33 litres) and needs padded protection for their laptop.  It’s not only comfortable to wear, but also comes with cool features like the ‘key-keeper’ to help you stay organised.  Eastpak’s Provider pack comes with an awesome 30 year warranty!

","provider","425373589","","2017-05-23 16:02:39 +0100","","","Provider","/collections/provider" "0","price-ascending","
Theorem is a hard sided collection made from ABS (think motorcycle helmets) and comes with an integrated lock for security.
","qubed-theorem","159053283408","collections/theorum_collection.jpg","2020-07-30 14:43:50 +0100","","product-picker","QUBE'd Theorem","/collections/qubed-theorem" "0","best-selling","

Qubed, London, design and manufacture suitcases with lightness and durability at the forefront of their ethos.  Their cases are designed to meet the rigours of worldwide travel and offer exceptional value for money.

","qubed","3582525461","collections/qubed-logo.png","2018-03-27 17:58:53 +0100","","sub-collections","Qubed","/collections/qubed" "0","best-selling","
New for 2018, The Qubed Area One soft-sided lightweight luggage collection. Qubed, London, design and manufacture suitcases with lightness and durability at the forefront of their ethos.  Their cases are designed to meet the rigours of worldwide travel and offer exceptional value for money.
","qubed-area-one","58362003536","collections/AREA_ONE_LARGE_DARK_GREY_500.jpg","2018-10-09 11:07:52 +0100","","","QUBEd Area One","/collections/qubed-area-one" "6","manual","
QUBEd Calculus soft-sided lightweight luggage collection is available in 5 sizes. This includes a flight bag, mini 2-wheel cabin case, 2-wheel cabin upright, expandable medium and large suitcase. Qubed, London, design and manufacture suitcases with lightness and durability at the forefront of their ethos. Their cases are designed to meet the rigours of worldwide travel and offer exceptional value for money.
","qubed-calculus","168330854480","collections/Calculus_Group.jpg","2020-09-16 09:23:55 +0100","","","QUBEd Calculus","/collections/qubed-calculus" "0","manual","
The Qubed Collinear range is made from an extra durable lightweight ABS, the inside is made from 100 % polyester with branded lining Moulded feet for additional protection. 5 year warranty included.
","qubed-collinear-1","158746247248","collections/Collinear_MEDIUM_Taupe_Persp_LOW.jpg","2020-09-28 10:57:58 +0100","","product-picker","Qubed Collinear","/collections/qubed-collinear-1" "3","best-selling","
The Qubed Collinear range is made from an extra durable lightweight ABS, the inside is made from 100 % polyester with branded lining Moulded feet for additional protection. The collection is available in 2 colours and comes with a 5 year warranty.
","qubed-collinear","2519859221","collections/qubed-collinear-collection.jpg","2020-01-16 14:56:34 +0000","","","Qubed Collinear II","/collections/qubed-collinear" "3","best-selling","
Qubed Collinear II hard-sided lightweight luggage collection. Qubed, London, design and manufacture suitcases with lightness and durability at the forefront of their ethos.Their cases are designed to meet the rigours of worldwide travel and offer exceptional value for money.
","qubed-collinear-ii","131497230416","collections/COLLINEARII_BLUE_GROUP_LOWRES.jpg","2019-05-23 10:44:08 +0100","","product-picker","QUBEd Collinear II","/collections/qubed-collinear-ii" "0","best-selling","
 Qubed Compac backpack. Qubed, London, design and manufacture suitcases with lightness and durability at the forefront of their ethos.Their cases are designed to meet the rigours of worldwide travel and offer exceptional value for money.
","qubed-compac","134190956624","collections/QUBEd_WEEKEND_BACKPACK_BLACK.jpg","2019-07-04 12:11:48 +0100","","","Qubed Compac","/collections/qubed-compac" "0","best-selling","
Qubed Formula soft-sided lightweight luggage collection is available as a 3-piece suitcase set that includes a 2-wheel cabin case, expandable medium and large suitcase. Qubed, London, design and manufacture suitcases with lightness and durability at the forefront of their ethos.  Their cases are designed to meet the rigours of worldwide travel and offer exceptional value for money.
","qubed-formula","97405337680","collections/GREY_GROUP_copy.jpg","2019-09-20 11:20:28 +0100","","product-picker","QUBEd Formula","/collections/qubed-formula" "0","best-selling","
Qubed Gradient soft-sided lightweight luggage collection is available as a 3-piece suitcase set that includes a 2-wheel cabin case, expandable medium and large suitcase. Qubed, London, design and manufacture suitcases with lightness and durability at the forefront of their ethos.  Their cases are designed to meet the rigours of worldwide travel and offer exceptional value for money.
","qubed-gradient","136348270672","collections/GRADIENT_LARGE_BLUE_copy.jpg","2019-08-07 13:55:40 +0100","","product-picker","QUBEd Gradient","/collections/qubed-gradient" "0","best-selling","
Qubed's new Matrix collection is made for the traveller who wants super-lightweight luggage that is stylish and built to last.
This soft-sided range is made from a durable polyester that is abrasion resistant and comes with a 5-year warranty for piece of mind.
You'll also find a full length exterior pocket for easy access to essentials. Whilst this range does not come with an integrated TSA lock, the interlocking zip pulls will zip together to fit a TSA padlock.
","matrix","436201685","collections/MATRIX_RED_GROUP.jpg","2017-07-12 16:29:19 +0100","","","Qubed Matrix","/collections/matrix" "0","best-selling","
New for 2018, The Qubed New Zero soft-sided lightweight luggage collection. Qubed, London, design and manufacture suitcases with lightness and durability at the forefront of their ethos.  Their cases are designed to meet the rigours of worldwide travel and offer exceptional value for money
","qubed-new-zero","33647951982","collections/NEW_ZERO_BLACK_BLUE_4PC_GROUP.jpg","2018-07-10 16:37:45 +0100","","","QUBEd New Zero","/collections/qubed-new-zero" "0","best-selling","
Qubed Pi soft-sided lightweight luggage collection is available in 5 sizes. Qubed, London, design and manufacture suitcases with lightness and durability at the forefront of their ethos. Their cases are designed to meet the rigours of worldwide travel and offer exceptional value for money.
","qubed-pi","104058028112","collections/6_Pi_GROUP.jpg","2019-03-22 15:49:15 +0000","","","QUBEd Pi","/collections/qubed-pi" "4","best-selling","","qubed-scalar","262414925904","collections/Edit2_72dpi.jpg","2021-12-22 15:27:40 +0000","","product-picker","Qubed Scalar","/collections/qubed-scalar" "0","manual","
QUBEd Segment soft-sided lightweight luggage collection is available in 5 sizes. This includes a flight bag, mini 2-wheel cabin case, 2-wheel cabin upright, expandable medium and large suitcase. Qubed, London, design and manufacture suitcases with lightness and durability at the forefront of their ethos. Their cases are designed to meet the rigours of worldwide travel and offer exceptional value for money.
","qubed-segment","168330788944","collections/Segment_Pomegranate_Group.jpg","2020-09-16 09:19:28 +0100","","","QUBEd Segment","/collections/qubed-segment" "0","best-selling","
QUBEd Sequence hard sided luggage collection, London, design and manufacture suitcases with lightness and durability at the forefront of their ethos.Their cases are designed to meet the rigours of worldwide travel and offer exceptional value for money.
","qubed-sequence","97129103440","collections/SEQUENCE_GROUP_BLUE_LOW.png","2018-12-19 11:41:47 +0000","","product-picker","QUBEd Sequence","/collections/qubed-sequence" "0","best-selling","
New for 2018, Qubed Sigma soft-sided lightweight luggage collection. Qubed, London, design and manufacture suitcases with lightness and durability at the forefront of their ethos.  Their cases are designed to meet the rigours of worldwide travel and offer exceptional value for money
","qubed-sigma","57890275408","collections/SIGMA_GROUP_TAUPE.jpg","2018-07-25 15:13:04 +0100","","product-picker","QUBEd Sigma","/collections/qubed-sigma" "3","best-selling","
Qubed Theta hard-sided lightweight luggage collection. Qubed, London, design and manufacture suitcases with lightness and durability at the forefront of their ethos. Their cases are designed to meet the rigours of worldwide travel and offer exceptional value for money.
","qubed-theta","128409272400","collections/GRAPHITE_GROUP__LOWjpg.jpg","2019-04-15 12:24:37 +0100","","product-picker","QUBEd Theta","/collections/qubed-theta" "0","manual","
QUBEd Torus soft-sided lightweight luggage collection is available in 3 sizes ,This includes a 2-wheel cabin case, expandable medium and large suitcase. Qubed, London, design and manufacture suitcases with lightness and durability at the forefront of their ethos.Their cases are designed to meet the rigours of worldwide travel and offer exceptional value for money.
","qubed-torus","159633899600","collections/QUBEd_TORUS_Group_RED.jpg","2020-07-29 16:50:19 +0100","","","QUBEd Torus","/collections/qubed-torus" "0","best-selling","
Radley, along with its loved and highly recognised Radley Scottie Dog, create superb luggage collections in their iconic designs.
Radley's Travel Essentials and Premium soft-side collections are stylish with simple clean aesthetics and offer great value.  Travel Essentials is for the leisure traveller with a range of suitcases as well as a cabin duffle bag.  The Premium range features a 4-wheel cabin case, a cabin duffle and a 2-wheel business case.
The Multi-Dog range is a hard-sided leisure collection that features 3 suitcases and a popular vanity case.
","radley","3582558229","collections/radley_logo.png","2018-03-27 18:02:45 +0100","","sub-collections","Radley","/collections/radley" "0","price-ascending","
Dog Stripe features Radley's famous Scottie Dog in various playful positions across the shell of the cases.  This playful design is matched with a stylish printed interior, internal double divider packing sections, double rolling wheels for smooth movement and good capacity.  This 76cm large suitcase is ideal for 2 weeks of travel.  Dog Stripe is available in Ink Blue.
","radley-dog-stripe","159227117648","collections/Dog_Stripe_Collection.jpg","2020-02-11 11:14:38 +0000","","product-picker","Radley Dog Stripe","/collections/radley-dog-stripe" "0","best-selling","
Radley's Premium Softside collection is undoubtedly one of the most stylish collections around.  The Black with gold detailing and the luxurious silky touch of the interior lining make this range look fabulous.
","radley-premium-softside","99071852624","collections/Premium_Softside_Collection.jpg","2019-03-01 15:49:03 +0000","","product-picker","Radley Premium Softside","/collections/radley-premium-softside" "0","price-ascending","
With its hand-drawn floral design on the exterior coupled with the rich interior lining, the Sketchbook Floral collection will delight fans of Radley.  
","radley-sketchbook-floral","159227576400","collections/sketchbook_floral_collection.jpg","2020-02-11 12:26:57 +0000","","product-picker","Radley Sketchbook Floral","/collections/radley-sketchbook-floral" "0","best-selling","
Radley Travel Essentials
Travel Essentials is a soft-sided luggage range made from premium Nylon Twill, which gives it a silky touch finish.  It is available in Ink (Navy Blue) and is inspired by Radley’s iconic Pocket Essentials handbags.
","radley-travel-essentials","58635976784","collections/travelessentialscollection.jpg","2018-11-09 11:16:17 +0000","","product-picker","Radley Travel Essentials","/collections/radley-travel-essentials" "0","best-selling","

Radley’s Vintage Dog Dot range is a celebration of Radley prints that features their iconic Scottie dog with polka dots.  This playful collection is made from a lightweight and durable polycarbonate that’s designed for maximum packing capacity.  The range features integrated TSA lock, lockable and extendable pull handle, 4 wheels for ease of movement, interior with double divider packing sections and a 5-year warranty.

","vintage-dog-dot","425372757","collections/radley-dot-dog-collection.gif","2017-05-23 15:59:26 +0100","","","Radley Vintage Dog Dot","/collections/vintage-dog-dot" "26","best-selling","

On January 15th 2018 Ryanair updated their regulations for cabin bags and separated travellers into 2:

Priority & 2 Cabins - this means you can take a 55x40x20cm cabin case on board as well as an additional small bag with maximum dimensions 35x20x20cm.
Non-Priority - if you aren't a priority flyer then you pay a fee and check-in your 55x40x20cm cabin case (must be 10kg or less) at the check-in desk.  You can carry a bag on-board as long as the dimensions don't exceed 35x20x20cm
","ryanair-cabin-cases","451870677","","2017-09-29 16:59:45 +0100","","","Ryanair Cabin Cases","/collections/ryanair-cabin-cases" "4","best-selling","","scure-eco","263011991632","collections/amedScureblk2.png","2022-04-22 19:41:36 +0100","","product-picker","S'cure Eco","/collections/scure-eco" "122","best-selling","","sale","1437368341","","2017-12-21 12:53:00 +0000","","","Sale","/collections/sale" "0","best-selling","

Happy Sammies is a new lifestyle collection of luggage for children and they come in a variety of cute animal characters. 

The 2-wheel upright cabin cases means kids can carry some of their own essentials on flights and feel like they are grown up travellers!  You can choose from Fox William, Rabbit Rosie, Kitty Cat and Teddy Bear.
","happy-sammies","670531605","collections/sammies_by_samsonite.png","2017-11-03 13:07:00 +0000","","product-picker","Sammies by Samsonite Happy Sammies","/collections/happy-sammies" "0","best-selling","","samsonite-accessories","137336160336","","2019-08-22 14:56:42 +0100","","","Samsonite Accessories","/collections/samsonite-accessories" "0","best-selling","","samsonite-accessories-1","169412755536","","2020-11-27 08:34:50 +0000","","","Samsonite Accessories","/collections/samsonite-accessories-1" "5","best-selling","","samsonite-airea","261872713808","collections/aairnvy1.png","2021-10-04 17:50:59 +0100","","product-picker","Samsonite Airea","/collections/samsonite-airea" "0","best-selling","","samsonite-allegio","133617156176","","2019-06-26 08:12:53 +0100","","product-picker","Samsonite Allegio","/collections/samsonite-allegio" "0","best-selling","","samsonite-anafi","262286180432","collections/3pc_set.png","2021-11-25 12:58:05 +0000","","product-picker","Samsonite Anafi","/collections/samsonite-anafi" "0","best-selling","","samsonite-astero","129559887952","","2019-04-17 08:42:12 +0100","","","Samsonite Astero","/collections/samsonite-astero" "0","title-ascending","A great value soft-sided suitcase range from Samsonite.","samsonite-astero-1","135917797456","","2019-07-31 08:26:36 +0100","","product-picker","Samsonite Astero","/collections/samsonite-astero-1" "0","best-selling","

Samsonite’s Base Boost collection replaces the popular Base Hits range and is perfect for the budget conscious traveller who is looking for good quality luggage.  The Base Boost collection is robust and light (just 2kg for the cabin case) and comes with a 5-year warranty.

","base-boost","425340885","collections/79198-1726_01.jpg","2019-02-12 15:38:27 +0000","","product-picker","Samsonite Base Boost","/collections/base-boost" "0","best-selling","

The BLeisure (or B Leisure) from Samsonite is dedicated to commuters and business travellers looking for backpacks or an underseat cabin case that keeps your work essentials and your belongings/clothing organised and tidy.  Bleisure is designed for both business and leisure (hence the name), so you get the best of both worlds.

","samsonite-bleisure","159953027152","collections/samsonite_bleisure_collection.jpg","2020-03-10 11:29:49 +0000","","product-picker","Samsonite Bleisure","/collections/samsonite-bleisure" "0","best-selling","","samsonite-cityvibe-2-0","261872746576","collections/acitybrf2.png","2021-10-04 17:55:28 +0100","","product-picker","Samsonite Cityvibe 2.0","/collections/samsonite-cityvibe-2-0" "0","best-selling","","samsonite-firelite","261610537040","collections/3PCBLUE.png","2021-08-19 14:28:28 +0100","","product-picker","Samsonite Firelite","/collections/samsonite-firelite" "0","title-ascending","

Since the launch of Flux in 2017 it has become Go Places best selling hard-sided suitcase range with many customers loving that each case is expandable.

Flux is the very first Samsonite hardside range offering (hidden) expandability on all sizes, assuring even greater packing volume in times of extra packing needs. This collection was designed to make travel easier thanks to its smooth rolling double wheels, double tube wheel handle and fully lined practical interior to arrange your belongings.

","samsonite-flux","429361237","collections/88538-1598_01.jpg","2017-06-14 11:59:08 +0100","","product-picker","Samsonite Flux","/collections/samsonite-flux" "4","best-selling","
GuardIt 2.0 is a refresh of the best-selling GuardIt business bags.  These are great value backpacks and briefcases for everyday use. 
","samsonite-guardit-2-0","98395357264","collections/samsonite_guardit_2_collection.jpg","2019-02-15 16:25:13 +0000","","product-picker","Samsonite GuardIt 2.0","/collections/samsonite-guardit-2-0" "0","best-selling","
Samsonite's Hexa-Packs backpacks are not only look good with a great range of colours, but they are made from 80% recycled PET plastic bottles. Hexa-Packs are for commuters, short-trip travellers or those needing a bag for sport activities.  
","samsonite-hexa-packs","98285715536","collections/hexa-packs_collection.jpg","2019-02-13 14:53:06 +0000","","product-picker","Samsonite Hexa-Packs","/collections/samsonite-hexa-packs" "4","best-selling","","samsonite-hi-fi","262685720656","collections/pet1.jpg","2022-02-15 13:26:04 +0000","","product-picker","Samsonite Hi-Fi","/collections/samsonite-hi-fi" "2","best-selling","

This collection from Samsonite that is dedicated to modern feminine globetrotters, offers light and fashionable business bags and luggage.  All pieces in the Karissa Biz range are designed to meet the modern needs of business with compartments for laptops, tablets  and other business essentials.

","karissa-biz","452821845","collections/882321041_pd_be_cbd237b1-c272-47b0-a873-a76300f208cb.jpg","2017-10-10 17:07:51 +0100","","product-picker","Samsonite Karissa Biz 2.0","/collections/karissa-biz" "0","best-selling","

The Lite DLX SP is a special edition to complement the hugely successful Lite DLX range.  Samsonite has created 3 duffle-style bags made from armoured nylon that are designed to meet the demands of frequent travellers looking for durable luggage.  The range is available in Black and Grey and features elaborate black leather detailing and metal hardware accents and combines beautifully with Samsonite’s Lite-Cube DLX collection.

","lite-dlx-sp","425345429","collections/100002-1041_01.jpg","2017-05-23 11:57:27 +0100","","","Samsonite Lite DLX SP","/collections/lite-dlx-sp" "0","title-ascending","

Samsonite’s Lite-Biz collection is a premium range for the business traveller.  The collection has been updated with integrated USB port, additional storage compartments and soft-touch leather handles.

","lite-biz","428917077","collections/74413-1041_01.jpg","2019-11-07 12:43:01 +0000","","product-picker","Samsonite Lite-Biz","/collections/lite-biz" "4","best-selling","
Samsonite's Lite-Cube collection is made from the extremely durable and lightweight Curv material, which comes with a 10-year warranty.  Lite-Cube combines timeless, stylish design with great functionality.
","samsonite-lite-cube","98396012624","collections/lite-cube_collection.jpg","2019-02-15 16:25:13 +0000","","product-picker","Samsonite Lite-Cube","/collections/samsonite-lite-cube" "4","title-ascending","

Samsonite’s Lite-Shock range is their lightest hard-sided suitcase collection.  Lite-Shock is made from Curv, which is a material exclusive to Samsonite in the luggage industry that is incredibly strong and thin.  The shock-absorbing shell design gives extra strength to the corners.  If you are looking to minimise the weight of your luggage when travelling then this is perfect – and it comes with a 10-year warranty.



","samsonite-lite-shock","425345493","collections/627661686_pd_be_c567e750-3a68-4852-a7d5-a46b00e5c015.jpg","2017-05-23 11:59:25 +0100","","product-picker","Samsonite Lite-Shock","/collections/samsonite-lite-shock" "2","best-selling","","samsonite-litepoint","261920424016","collections/alitewbackbl2.png","2021-10-06 09:48:34 +0100","","product-picker","Samsonite Litepoint","/collections/samsonite-litepoint" "0","best-selling","","samsonite-midtown","261876318288","collections/colaback1.png","2021-10-05 13:02:17 +0100","","product-picker","Samsonite Midtown","/collections/samsonite-midtown" "3","manual","

The Neopulse redefines the benchmark for lightweight stylish luggage.  The case is self-reinforcing thanks to its design and has additional protection on the corners. The interior is fully lined and has dividers to keep your contents organised, whilst the exterior comes in a collection of great looking Metallic and Matte colours.  The innovation continues with the case engineered to reduce the visibility of scratches due to the rigours of travel.  




","neopulse","425295445","collections/prod_col_65752_4386_front34.jpg","2017-05-22 17:00:11 +0100","","product-picker","Samsonite Neopulse","/collections/neopulse" "1","best-selling","

Samsonite’s Openroad collection takes inspiration from city life and urban existence by combining multi-functionality with contemporary design.  The range utilises the Smart Fit laptop compartment that adapts to different sizes of laptops, and Smart Sleeve, which doubles as a security pocket on the Openroad backpacks.

","openroad","425347413","collections/openroad_collection.jpg","2017-05-23 13:05:29 +0100","","product-picker","Samsonite Openroad 2.0","/collections/openroad" "0","best-selling","After the success of the Openroad range, Samsonite have launched Openroad Lady.  The range features 2 excellent business backpacks with storage for your laptop, tablet, keys and other daily essentials.  All the great functionality of the original range is complemented by the feminine detailing.","samsonite-openroad-lady","98895528016","collections/openroad-collection.jpg","2019-02-26 15:56:24 +0000","","product-picker","Samsonite Openroad Lady","/collections/samsonite-openroad-lady" "9","title-ascending","

The Paradiver Light collection has been refreshed with a new sportier / urban look that suits both city travel as well as out on the mountains or at the gym.  All items in this range are weather resistant via the Polyurethane coating or the Teflon coating of the popular Jeans Blue and Jeans Grey.  Samsonite have improved capacity on the refreshed versions and have a functional interior to stow your belongings. The Black and White colours match the hard-sided Neopulse range, so why not mix and match?!

","paradiver-light","425347541","collections/747801460_pd_fi_7f469b27-c81c-4554-a8ba-a5b800ae9d14.jpg","2017-05-23 13:06:23 +0100","","product-picker","Samsonite Paradiver Light","/collections/paradiver-light" "4","best-selling","","samsonite-popsoda","263011762256","collections/teal2.jpg","2022-04-22 18:08:59 +0100","","product-picker","Samsonite Popsoda","/collections/samsonite-popsoda" "0","title-ascending","

Samsonite’s Prodigy collection is dedicated to business cabin bags.  This range means you can quickly breeze through security checks with your laptop and travel documents easily accessible in the recessed front pocket, which also allows you the same easy access for your business essentials.  The Prodigy collection has an integrated TSA lock enabling you to lock both compartments separately, smooth double wheels and carry handle.  The front pocket features organisational pockets, padded laptop and tablet compartments, an accessory pouch and a removable wet pocket.  This range has a 5-year warranty.

","prodigy","425347797","collections/74771-1041_01.jpg","2017-05-23 13:09:53 +0100","","product-picker","Samsonite Prodigy","/collections/prodigy" "0","best-selling","","samsonite-rythum","261610569808","collections/Rythumsetble.png","2021-08-19 14:31:07 +0100","","product-picker","Samsonite Rythum","/collections/samsonite-rythum" "4","title-ascending","

Samsonite's S'Cure range is one of their most popular and enduring.  The big attraction of S'Cure is that the cases are zip-free, so instead there is a 3-point locking system that provides extra security and gives additional weather protection.  The zipperless S'Cure is the lightest polypropylene case that Samsonite offer, it is extremely durable, has a minimal interior that maximises packing capacity and comes with a 5-year warranty.  You'll find an array of colours and sizing ranging from a 55cm cabin case to a massive 81cm, so whether you are travelling on a weekend away or for planning a trip of up to 3 weeks then S'Cure will fit your needs.

","samsonite-scure","425348501","collections/49308-1776_01.jpg","2017-05-23 13:21:55 +0100","","product-picker","Samsonite S'Cure","/collections/samsonite-scure" "0","best-selling","

The deluxe version of Samsonite’s S’Cure collection offers an interior that gives you much more functionality to store your luggage as well as chrome finishing on the locks.  The S’Cure DLX range is made in Europe from polypropylene and has a 3-point locking system for extra security as well as a seal to limit moisture penetration.  The interior of the S’Cure DLX sees the top section fully lined with zipped divider and garment sleeve; the bottom section uses butterfly straps that can be positioned at different heights and 2 zipped pockets.

","scure-dlx","425348885","collections/50918-4629_01.jpg","2017-05-23 13:25:54 +0100","","product-picker","Samsonite S'Cure DLX","/collections/scure-dlx" "69","title-ascending","
Here's all Samsonite products that are currently discounted.  You'll find suitcases, backpacks, cabin cases, business bags and all types of luggage.
","samsonite-sale","153307021392","","2019-10-21 15:46:29 +0100","","","Samsonite Sale","/collections/samsonite-sale" "0","best-selling","
The Securipak range of backpacks from Samsonite is made from recycled plastic bottle, features an 'anti-cut' body to stop your bag from being slashed by a knife and the main compartment is only accessible when you take off the backpack, so no one can open your backpack without knowing.  There is also a RFID blocking pocket for your cards and a USB port.  All you need for urban living!
","samsonite-securipak","159550341200","collections/securipak_collection.jpg","2020-02-20 09:22:20 +0000","","product-picker","Samsonite Securipak","/collections/samsonite-securipak" "7","manual","

Spark SNG is the updated 2017 version of Samsonite’s best-selling soft-sided suitcase range, Spark.  SNG stands for Spark Next Generation and has been designed with additional capacity, is lighter, and some of the cabin cases come with an innovative ‘top pocket’ that fits travel essentials such as passports.  Samsonite has also introduced a massive 82cm version of the case with an expanded capacity of 173 litres!  All suitcases come with an integrated TSA lock and a 5-year warranty.

","spark-sng","425349525","collections/PROD_COL_87607_1686_FRONT34_be4cb0dd-4172-48f1-8dc2-92fdc3285733.jpg","2017-05-23 13:44:18 +0100","","product-picker","Samsonite Spark SNG","/collections/spark-sng" "1","best-selling","Samsonite's best selling Spark SNG range is now joined by Spark SNG ECO, which is made from 100% post-consumer recycled PET plastic bottles and cork.  Genuine cork material serves as a nature-conscious alternative for the polyurethane trim on the carry handles, logo, ID tag and back protection.","samsonite-spark-sng-eco","98002272336","collections/spark_sng_eco_collection.jpg","2019-02-07 17:18:06 +0000","","product-picker","Samsonite Spark SNG Eco","/collections/samsonite-spark-sng-eco" "0","best-selling","

Samsonite Spectrolite 2.0

Spectrolite 2.0 from Samsonite embodies the evolution of original Spectrolite DNA, with a revamped industrial design and new smart features with no compromises in strength and durability. The collection also sports contemporary sizes and volumes, that are built to house the latest electronic devices.
","samsonite-spectrolite-2-0","1991606293","collections/PROD_COL_103573_1412_FRONT34.jpg","2018-01-18 14:52:15 +0000","","product-picker","Samsonite Spectrolite 2.0","/collections/samsonite-spectrolite-2-0" "0","best-selling","
Samsonite is the world's largest and most recognised luggage brand with a huge range of products to fit any travel requirement - be it leisure or business.  You'll find cabin cases, larger suitcases, business bags, backpacks women's bags and more on Go Places and we stock best-selling ranges such as S'Cure, Neopulse, Spark SNG, X'Blade, Lite Shock, Karissa Biz, Uplite, Flux and more.
Many of our Samsonite products are in stock and ready to ship.  If we receive your order by 3pm, and if the item is in stock, then it will be despatched that day via our Free Next Working Day delivery service (Monday-Friday subject to payment being approved). See our delivery options here.
If you have any questions about stock, then please call us on 01403 713332 or send us an email.
","samsonite","3582590997","collections/Samsonite-Logo-shopify_1874b8c9-5827-48b0-8d28-99d914a4c319_1.png","2018-03-27 18:03:43 +0100","","sub-collections","Samsonite Suitcases & Luggage","/collections/samsonite" "3","best-selling","","samsonite-tunes","263011827792","collections/red2.jpg","2022-04-22 18:19:13 +0100","","product-picker","Samsonite Tunes","/collections/samsonite-tunes" "0","title-ascending","

Samsonite’s new Uplite collection embodies comfort and lightness.  As well as being stylish and light, Uplite also comes with a well organised interior and an integrated TSA lock.

","uplite","425350677","collections/880241090_pd_be_80e171e5-2b53-47bd-b9d1-a75f00dc7fd6.jpg","2017-05-23 13:59:43 +0100","","product-picker","Samsonite Uplite","/collections/uplite" "0","price-ascending","
X'Blade is one of Samsonite's classiest soft-sided collections thanks to its looks and superior functionality compared to the Spark SNG.  X'Blade is now in its fourth iteration and comes packed with USB ports (cabin cases) and Samsonite's Multiway Compress System.
","samsonite-xblade-4-0","159229378640","collections/xblade_4_collection.jpg","2020-02-11 15:32:57 +0000","","product-picker","Samsonite X'Blade 4.0","/collections/samsonite-xblade-4-0" "7","best-selling","

The Zalia collection is an elegant modern feminine range that’s tailored for business needs.  All pieces in the range feature a stylish front pocket in saffiano structure.  The exterior is made from a high quality nylon that creates smooth and defined shapes that work well with the metal detailing.

","zalia","425350997","collections/745581041_pd_be_46410f2b-666e-485c-951a-a63b009e1322.jpg","2017-05-23 14:03:16 +0100","","","Samsonite Zalia","/collections/zalia" "7","title-ascending","
Samsonite have updated the popular Zalia Ladies Business collection with updated functionality.  You'll find RFID wallets to protect your payment cards from skimming as well as USB adapters on certain items in the range.
","samsonite-zalia-2-0","155353776208","collections/zalia_2_collection.jpg","2019-11-06 08:57:06 +0000","","product-picker","Samsonite Zalia 2.0","/collections/samsonite-zalia-2-0" "0","best-selling","
Ziproll is a casual collection of Duffle Bags and Backpacks made from 80% recycled PET plastic bottles.  All pieces in the range come with the easy-access roll top.
","samsonite-ziproll","98885992528","collections/ziproll_collection.jpg","2019-02-26 11:18:24 +0000","","product-picker","Samsonite Ziproll","/collections/samsonite-ziproll" "0","best-selling","","sequence","262414893136","collections/Sequence_6.jpg","2021-12-22 15:24:52 +0000","","product-picker","Sequence","/collections/sequence" "20","title-ascending","

Skiing Luggage Suitcases & Cabin Cases

If you/re looking for luggage to transport your belongings this Ski season then check out our range with products from the likes of Samsonite, Eastpak & Delsey.  You'll find great looking and highly functional suitcases, duffle bags, cabin bags and backpacks.
","skiing-luggage-suitcases-cabin-cases","451844757","","2017-09-29 11:34:26 +0100","","","Skiing Luggage Suitcases & Cabin Cases","/collections/skiing-luggage-suitcases-cabin-cases" "74","best-selling","

Soft Sided Luggage

Soft Sided Luggage include suitcases, duffle bags and holdalls and are generally lighter and cheaper than hard side luggage.  Soft sided cabin cases really come into their own with more flexibility and functionality than hard sided cabin cases because many come with external pockets so you can easily access passports, tickets and other items.  If you are looking for a soft sided luggage solution then we're sure you'll find something in our range.
","soft-sided-luggage","449361365","","2017-09-01 15:58:16 +0100","","","Soft Sided Luggage","/collections/soft-sided-luggage" "3","best-selling","

Spring Sale

We've got our fingers crossed for an improvement in the coronavirus situation that allows us to travel again soon - be it locally or internationally.  We've put together some great deals on luggage, so if you need to replace an old suitcase or backpack, then this is a great time to do it.

","spring-sale","160132661328","","2020-03-19 16:01:27 +0000","","","Spring Sale","/collections/spring-sale" "1","best-selling","

Eastpak Stand

Eastpak’s ‘Stand’ is a great mid-size duffle bag that can be carried by hand or over the shoulder, and if you are travelling overseas by air, then it meets airline cabin restrictions (check with your airline before travelling).  It is made from durable polyester and comes with a 30-year warranty. 
","stand","425373845","","2017-05-23 16:04:30 +0100","","","Stand","/collections/stand" "0","best-selling","

Eastpak Station

The ‘Station’ is a durable duffle bag with a 30-year warranty.  This duffle bag is a brilliant companion on weekends away with a roomy main compartment with a 57 litre capacity, padded shoulder strap and handles, and zipped inside pocket to keep your essentials safe.
","station","425374037","","2017-05-23 16:05:09 +0100","","","Station","/collections/station" "38","title-ascending","
Whether it is climate change giving the UK warmer weather in the Summer or the collapse of the exchange rate against major currencies more and more people are holidaying in the UK!  Such travel doesn't require a bulky suitcase with duffle bags, backpacks and holdalls becoming more and more popular.
","staycation","136282964048","","2019-08-06 15:17:17 +0100","","","Staycation","/collections/staycation" "57","title-ascending","
Grab a great deal in time for your Summer Holiday.
","summer-sale","33684062318","","2018-07-12 11:55:48 +0100","","","Summer Sale","/collections/summer-sale" "0","best-selling","","take-flight-pergola-stripe","260643323984","collections/TBW_Ted_Baker_Pergola_Stripe_Luggage_Grp3.jpg","2021-03-23 10:11:59 +0000","","product-picker","TAKE FLIGHT - PERGOLA STRIPE","/collections/take-flight-pergola-stripe" "1","best-selling","","take-flight-sage","261682462800","collections/TBW_Ted_Baker_Take_Flight_Sage_Luggage_Grp3.jpg","2021-09-01 11:43:22 +0100","","","Take Flight Sage","/collections/take-flight-sage" "0","best-selling","","take-flight-zebra","262286213200","collections/TBW_Ted_Baker_Take_Flight_Zebra_Luggage_Grp3.jpg","2021-11-25 13:02:59 +0000","","product-picker","Take Flight Zebra","/collections/take-flight-zebra" "0","best-selling","

The legendary British design house, Ted Baker, create exquisite luggage for those that like to stand out from the crowd.  You’ll find both classic and floral designs on hard-sided and soft-sided cases and bags that will mean you’ll be turning heads as you glide through to your destination.

","ted-baker","3582623765","collections/ted-baker-logo.png","2018-03-27 18:06:31 +0100","","sub-collections","Ted Baker","/collections/ted-baker" "0","best-selling","

The Albany collection from Ted Baker is a beautiful range of soft-sided luggage that is made from a lightweight and robust 900 denier twill body material.  This collection exudes sophistication with the rose gold finishes contrasting with the black material.  There is a black saffiano style front pocket, elegant and iconic tapered design, and, with the exception of the Soft Bag, come with lightweight aluminium trolley system and smooth rolling double wheels.  All pieces in this collection feature a new Ted Baker designed interior lining, come with a TSA padlock and a 5-year warranty.

","albany","425371925","collections/albany-collection.png","2017-05-23 15:56:20 +0100","","product-picker","Ted Baker Albany","/collections/albany" "0","title-ascending","
Ted Baker Beau is a hard-sided women's luggage collection that has distinctive bows featured on the shell of the luggage.  Made from polycarbonate, Beau is lightweight and durable.  All pieces have a bespoke inner lining and feature rose gold finish.

","ted-baker-beau","58343882832","collections/Beau_in_Black_Group.jpg","2018-10-05 15:47:55 +0100","","","Ted Baker Beau","/collections/ted-baker-beau" "4","best-selling","","belle","260871848016","collections/TBW_Belle_Luggage_Pink_Grp3.jpg","2021-04-21 16:53:36 +0100","","product-picker","TED BAKER BELLE","/collections/belle" "0","best-selling","

This stunning hard-sided luggage collection from Ted Baker is made from lightweight Makrolon polycarbonate that provides strength and robustness.  Quality is the name of the game with the interior featuring a Ted Baker bird print lining, pockets and elastic strap, and the trolley system is made from state-of-the-art aircraft grade aluminium.  The suitcases in this range sit on 4 smooth rolling wheels with Ted Baker hubcaps.

","burgundy-graphite","425371221","collections/burgundy-graphite-collection.png","2017-05-23 15:53:37 +0100","","","Ted Baker Burgundy Graphite","/collections/burgundy-graphite" "0","best-selling","

Ted Baker’s Falconwood premium soft-sided luggage collection takes inspiration from their tailored suit and comes in elegant grey durable polyester material with brown leather features / trim.  The range covers clipper bags, duffle bags, as well as cabin, medium and large suitcases.  Falconwood’s features are of the quality you would expect from Ted Baker – aluminium finished trolley system, leather branded ID tags and branded double smooth rolling wheels.

","falconwood","425371413","collections/falconwood-collection.png","2017-05-23 15:54:44 +0100","","","Ted Baker Falconwood","/collections/falconwood" "0","best-selling","
Hedgerow is new for 2019 in the Ted Baker Take Flight luggage collection.  This beautiful range has a luxury feel and is made from lightweight and durable Makrolon polycarbonate.
","ted-baker-take-flight-hedgerow-1","165566349392","collections/TBW0101-036_Hedgerow_Large__1.jpg","2020-06-30 11:11:40 +0100","","","Ted Baker Take Flight Hedgerow","/collections/ted-baker-take-flight-hedgerow-1" "0","price-ascending","
Highland is a limited edition range of hard-sided luggage from Ted Baker for 2020.  Featuring 3 suitcases and a vanity case this range has a beautiful floral design.  Each suitcase comes with a clear plastic cover to protect the case during travel.
","ted-baker-take-flight-highland","164911808592","collections/TBW_Ted_Baker_Highland_Mailchimp.jpg","2020-06-11 09:54:22 +0100","","","Ted Baker Take Flight Highland","/collections/ted-baker-take-flight-highland" "0","title-ascending","
Opal is new for Autumn / Winter 2019 in the Ted Baker Take Flight collection.  Opal features a beautiful floral print on black and is made from a lightweight and durable polycarbonate.  Opal comes with a 5-year warranty.
","ted-baker-take-flight-opal","136065744976","collections/Opal_Collection.jpg","2019-08-02 14:31:20 +0100","","product-picker","Ted Baker Take Flight Opal","/collections/ted-baker-take-flight-opal" "0","best-selling","","test-size-picker","58118668368","","2018-08-30 12:38:36 +0100","","product-picker","Test Size Picker","/collections/test-size-picker" "19","best-selling","
Thomas Cook allow passengers to take a cabin bag with maximum dimensions of 55x40x20cm.  Below you'll find a selection of cabin cases that are exactly these dimensions or below.
","thomas-cook-cabin-cases","136783298640","","2019-08-14 12:42:07 +0100","","","Thomas Cook Cabin Cases","/collections/thomas-cook-cabin-cases" "2","title-ascending","
Complete your luggage set with these Toiletry / Wash Bags and make sure everything matches!
","toiletry-wash-bags","33687175278","","2018-07-13 10:21:08 +0100","","","Toiletry Wash Bags","/collections/toiletry-wash-bags" "2","best-selling","
If you are looking for beach towels for your next holiday then we've got some great colourful, fast-drying and lightweight towels that are perfect for you.
","towels","138127900752","","2019-09-05 09:32:36 +0100","","","Towels","/collections/towels" "0","best-selling","","travel-duration","130354708560","","2019-05-01 16:53:55 +0100","","sub-collections","Travel Duration","/collections/travel-duration" "11","manual","
Whether you need scales to make sure you don't go over your luggage weight allowance or hand gel to sanitise your hands when you're travelling, here are the travel essentials to tick off your list before heading to the airport.
","travel-essentials","160609665104","","2020-04-06 12:37:22 +0100","","","Travel Essentials","/collections/travel-essentials" "0","best-selling","

","trunks-tuckboxes-transit-cases","425091093","collections/Mossman-main-header.jpg","2017-05-17 15:35:27 +0100","","","Trunk T/boxes","/collections/trunks-tuckboxes-transit-cases" "0","best-selling","

Mossman Tuck Boxes

You’ll find a great range of Mossman tuck boxes at Go Places.  The range has a variety of finishes including Harris Tweed, Stucco Aluminium, Embossed Aluminium and Vinyl.  All tuck boxes are hand-made by Mossman at their workshop in the UK and employ the same construction techniques that they’ve used since 1938.  All products are made to the highest quality using top grade materials.
","tuck-boxes","425382037","","2017-05-23 17:05:14 +0100","","","Tuck Boxes","/collections/tuck-boxes" "24","best-selling","
TUI allow passengers to take a cabin bag with maximum dimensions of 55x40x20cm.  Below you'll find a selection of cabin cases that are exactly these dimensions or below.
","tui-cabin-cases","136783429712","","2019-08-14 12:42:07 +0100","","","TUI Cabin Cases","/collections/tui-cabin-cases" "0","best-selling","

Delsey U-Lite Classic

Delsey’s U-Lite Classic range is a lightweight and durable soft-sided luggage collection that is made from 420 denier polyester.  We are clearing 2016 stock at a massively discounted price – at least 50% off remaining stock.
","u-lite-classic","425353429","collections/00324580022-1.png","2017-05-23 14:28:14 +0100","","","U-Lite Classic","/collections/u-lite-classic" "56","best-selling","Our selection of luggage that is less than £100.","under-100","426720213","","2017-06-01 08:45:55 +0100","","","Under £100","/collections/under-100" "3","best-selling","","urban-track","262812532816","collections/143164_3457_FRONT.jpg","2022-03-11 14:05:23 +0000","","product-picker","Urban Track","/collections/urban-track" "5","best-selling","
Vanity Cases are a great way to transport your toiletries and makeup without fearing that they spill out and affect the clothes in your suitcase or luggage.
","vanity-cases","138134421584","","2019-09-05 10:43:25 +0100","","","Vanity Cases","/collections/vanity-cases" "0","best-selling","
Victorinox, the makers of the original Swiss Army Knife, create fantastic and functional luggage perfect for your next adventure or business trip.  Each piece of luggage is full of functions inspired by the Swiss Army Knife and is designed to protect your belongings.
","victorinox","3582656533","collections/victorinox_logo_shopify.png","2018-03-27 18:09:36 +0100","","sub-collections","Victorinox","/collections/victorinox" "0","best-selling","

The Lexicon collection from Victorinox has been designed with the following essential criteria: intelligent functionality, lightweight, highly durable with a maximising of space for packing.  Have they managed to do it?  Oh yes!  Whatever item in the Lexicon range you choose you can be sure that it will be a great travel companion.

","lexicon","425381013","","2017-05-23 16:52:26 +0100","","product-picker","Victorinox Lexicon","/collections/lexicon" "0","best-selling","
Victorinox Lexicon 2.0
This premium soft-sided range comes with smart functions, expandability, durable material and makes the most of packing space.  It is backed by Victorinox's 1+10 warranty.
","victorinox-lexicon-2-0","58603208784","collections/lexicon2collection.jpg","2018-11-08 17:31:56 +0000","","product-picker","Victorinox Lexicon 2.0","/collections/victorinox-lexicon-2-0" "0","best-selling","

Victorinox's Lexicon Hardside collection marries expert engineering and maximised dimensions.  Designed for modern business travel it is made from Makrolon Polycarbonate and the zips are puncture resistant.

","victorinox-lexicon-hardside","99010707536","collections/lexicon_hardside_collection.jpg","2019-02-28 13:13:19 +0000","","product-picker","Victorinox Lexicon Hardside","/collections/victorinox-lexicon-hardside" "0","best-selling","

The Spectra 2.0 is engineered to be lightweight and robust, and is made from 100% pure Bayer polycarbonate.  The exterior has a scratch resistant matte finish and protective corner guards, which has been designed beautifully, and Victorinox have created a great quick-access door so you can easily access your suitcase.  The interior, in particular the cabin cases where the mesh divider is interchangeable with an electronics panel, is designed to keep your belongings organised.

","spectra-2-0","425381141","collections/spectra-collection.jpg","2017-05-23 16:54:46 +0100","","product-picker","Victorinox Spectra 2.0","/collections/spectra-2-0" "0","best-selling","
Victorinox Werks Traveller 6.0 Soft-Side
The Werks Traveller 6.0 Soft-Side collection is influenced by the iconic Swiss Army Knife and is loaded with smart functions to make travel a breeze.  As well as being expandable all cases come with Victorinox's 'Pack More' system that maximises the packing space.
","victorinox-werks-traveller-6-0-soft-side","58643939408","collections/werkstraveller6collection.jpg","2018-11-09 16:00:51 +0000","","product-picker","Victorinox Werks Traveller 6.0 Soft-Side","/collections/victorinox-werks-traveller-6-0-soft-side" "0","best-selling","

If you are a professional looking for luggage that is incredibly durable, that keeps the contents organised and looks sophisticated, then the Lexicon Professional range from Victorinox is for you.  The range is made from Isynetic ballistic nylon that surpasses testing standards and features a laptop protection system.  If you want luggage to be up to the rigours of travel, then this collection is hard to beat.

","lexicon-professional","425381077","","2017-05-23 16:53:44 +0100","","product-picker","Victorinox Lexicon Professional","/collections/lexicon-professional" "0","best-selling","

Victorinox’s Architecture Urban collection is a business collection that has ‘style’ at the top of the agenda.  This range is made from high-quality Cordura nylon with a Napa leather trim and is perfect for professionals who like a more casual urban look and who want to use their luggage for business or leisure.  Architecture Urban will keep your devices protected and everything else organised.

","architecture-urban","425380949","","2017-05-23 16:51:30 +0100","","","Victorinox’s Architecture Urban","/collections/architecture-urban" "1","best-selling","
With increased remote working and mobility for many workers having a wheeled laptop bag makes travelling and commuting a breeze.  You can take your business essentials wherever you go without staining your back and not have to turn up to clients out of breath with a sweaty back.
","wheeled-laptop-bags","426726037","","2017-06-01 09:42:27 +0100","","","Wheeled Laptop Bags","/collections/wheeled-laptop-bags"