Spooktastic Halloween Events in the UK

Spooktastic Halloween Events in the UK

It’s time to sharpen your fangs, dust off your cloak, and rattle your bones down to one of these four freakish, frightening, and feverishly spine-chilling events happening around the UK this Halloween. There’s something for everyone, with weird and wonderful Whitby, family fun in Londonderry, super scary ghost walks in Derby, and a fire-lit fright night in Edinburgh!

Whitby Goth Weekend

Whitby is mainly famous for two things: fish & chips and Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The world’s original celebrity vampire has recently been resurrected, 121 years after he leapt ashore at Whitby, which will undoubtedly give this October’s Whitby Goth Weekend an added scary flavour. Whitby Goth Weekend happens twice a year, in April and October, but it’s the October event that really packs a darkly atmospheric punch. Gothic promenading is a major part of the weekend – whether or not you want to go town on your outfit, you’ll want to go to town and witness some really quite astounding costumes. And if you take Caribee’s  Sky Master with you, it has a detachable daypack for some macabre mingling. You can even arrive in Whitby wreathed in spooky smoke if you take the North Yorkshire Moors steam railway from Pickering.

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Londonderry Halloween Extravaganza, Northern Ireland

In what could be Europe’s biggest Halloween celebration, Derry plays host to a decidedly artistic, week-long programme of events. Although Northern Ireland is not an area of the UK renowned for its tourism in recent times, these days people flock to Derry to have a Halloween that’s frightening for all the right reasons. With a constantly evolving cultural programme driven by the local council and a thoroughly family friendly atmosphere, Derry is becoming a really popular Halloween destination, especially when you can bag a last-minute return flight from London for just over £200 with BMI. For the ethically-minded monster, check out this Eminent Novation Cabin Case, which is 100% recyclable!

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Derby Ghost Walks

Derby sits right in the middle of England and has a claim to be the country’s supernatural centre of gravity, with over 315 sightings of ghosts in the city centre according to Visit England. It’s no surprise, then, that Derby boasts not one but two ghost walks! One takes in Derby’s historic city centre and the other, nicknamed The Hangman’s Tour, incorporates a tour of the city’s gaol (the old English spelling of jail), which dates from 1756. Both tours take in some of Derby’s haunted pubs, where you will be glad to grab a drink to steady your nerves as the ghoulish tales start to take their toll! Both tours also include dinner in a most spooktastic location – if you take The Hangman’s Tour, you will dine in the subterranean gaol, which is surely a scary Halloween meal for even the most hardened of ghosthunters! Even if you had to spend a night in the haunted gaol, no ghoul’s grabbing hands will be able to get at your stuff if you’ve got it locked in a hard-shell suitcase. Be warned, advance booking is a must, especially when the ghosts are most active!

Samhuinn Fire Festival, Edinburgh

If you’re worried that all this spookiness is going to leave you a bit chilly, then Edinburgh’s Samhuinn Fire Festival could be for you. This year it will take place on the top of Carlton Hill, a steep-sided green space in central Edinburgh, providing space for more performers and more fire than any previous Samhuinn, which will take the edge off the Scottish autumn air. Samhuinn is the Scottish spelling of the Gaelic harvesttime festival that marks the beginning of winter, and the people of Edinburgh know one or two things about putting on a festival! It plays out the battle between the spiritual forces of Summer and Winter as the seasons turn. You might want to think about taking some expandable luggage to pack an extra layer, just in case, and if you decide to bring back a couple of bottles of single malt.

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Wherever you choose to go this Halloween, if you pack your things in pure black luggage you’ll fit right into the ghostly atmosphere. Have a look at this Qubed Area One Suitcase, and this highly functional Caribee 2-Wheeled Travelpack with detachable day pack for getting in amongst the ghouls!