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Don't forget your travel adapters, pillows and other accessories!

Don't forget your travel adapters and accessories!

November 26, 2018 2 min read

The 7 best cases for business travel

Travelling for business is often considered a great job perk, but trips need to be well organised and professionalism is key.

What you take with you and how it’s packed has a big part to play, from affecting mood to productivity. We believe choosing the right luggage is the best foundation for a smooth and successful trip.

So whether you’re travelling for a single day or for a week or more, we’ve rounded up our pick of the seven best cases for business travel.

Samsonite Prodigy

The Samsonite Prodigy range is a dedicated cabin collection all geared towards making security checks quicker and easier. Your laptop, travel documents and other business essentials can be stored within easy reach thanks to the recessed front pocket. This is a particularly handy detail if you’re going straight to meetings from the airport.

Samsonite Prodigy

QUBEd Angle

Designed to meet the rigours of worldwide travel, QUBEd cases are flexible yet durable and offer fantastic value for money. You’ll definitely be able to include this within your work expenses without any raised eyebrows from the finance department! 

Qubed Angle

Eminent Novation 4-wheel cabin case

Following the huge success of Eminent’s Move Air range, the Novation cases are made from recyclable TPO material, which is ultra light and ultra strong. The cabin case is perfect for two days travel; it’s super manoeuvrable and looks especially smart in black. For businesses concerned with corporate social responsibility, there’s no better case. 

Eminent Novation

QUBEd Sigma

Ideal for up to a week’s travel, the QUBEd Sigma is made of abrasion resistant material to help keep you looking smart on arrival. Anintegrated TSA lockand handy front pocket makes this case really practical. The grey and navy panels are less formal than typical black business cases, while still complimenting a smart work wardrobe. 

Qubed Sigma

Delsey Montgallet

The Montgallet backpack is especially designed to carry a 15.6" laptop and accessories. In addition to its multiple pockets and two compartments, it also features a full, detachable organiser. This means you can store each of your accessories in its own space and the organiser can also be removed from the bag as necessary. There’s handy USB port integrated into one of the straps so you can easily recharge your phone on the move. For added security the main compartment can only be accessed from the back – a huge plus for those commuting in a busy city. 

Delsey Montgallet

Samsonite Infinipak

Infinipak takes the concept of organisation in backpacks to the next level, with its full range of state-of-the-art features. We love this Infinipak also has a concealed extendable handle for when you need to give your shoulders a rest.

Samsonite Infinipak

Samsonite Lite Biz

Lite-Biz is Samsonite’s first Curv series with a front pocket. The cabin-only collection combines design appeal with supreme resilience and lightness, and comes in four practical models with a fully recessed front pocket and integrated TSA lock. We particularly like the four-wheel spinner as it’s manaueoverability makes for quick and easy travel.

Samsonite Lite Biz