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 eminent move air luggage

Eminent Move Air

This case has been Gadget Show tested far
beyond what would be expected during normal
travel including. Thrown from the back of a
moving van, and crushed between a tug and
a harbour wall. Was still going after and was
the lightest on test

In a recent test it was tested to destruction, had a
car dropped on it and the camera crew still used
it to carry their gear home, the only suitcase still capable of use.

Delsey Chatelet

A combination of elegance and innovation. Clean curves, Hinomoto wheels, the use of 100% virgin Makrolon® polycarbonate and a brand-new functional feature: the exclusive integrated brake system. The silent-running wheels provide you with the last word in user comfort.The very easy-to-use brake is applied to the luggage's front wheels, allowing it to be rolled on two wheels, leaving the brake engaged for four-wheel rolling.

 Delsey chatelet suitcase
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